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15 Beautiful Spots To Add To Your UK Bucket List

From stunning waterfalls with high-rising and striking hilltops, to ancient towns and settlements steeped with history, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most awe-inspiring and must see spots anywhere in Europe. Often hidden away and far from the traditional ‘tourist hotspots’, there’s a real sense of magic in seeing the UK in a way no one else will.

We spoke to several leading individuals for their input on where some of these must see spots are, and what makes them so special.

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#1 Liverpool

In Liverpool, obviously you must visit the Royal Albert Dock with the key Beatles attractions such as The Beatles Story, but with many other museums as well. Although perhaps a cliche now, you must also see a Beatles tribute band in the modern Cavern Club, but bring a marker pen to write your name on the wall if you can find space. There are also so many other things to keep you busy, such as multiple escape rooms and adventure golf in the city centre.

Contributor: Steven Gardiner from

#2 Glencoe

One of my favourite places in Scotland, this beautiful valley has a dark history. Here the Campbell's turned on the McDonalds in the night, murdering some of the clan and causing others to flee into the cold winter night. Many died afterwards. This is what the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones is said to be based on. The landscape is beautiful and haunting. Whether you go for just a view or to hike in the valley, it is an incredible place to see.

Contributor: Nat Took from

#3 Stratford

Shakespeare’s birthplace is a must. It’s historic and a very pretty town. There are five houses to be visited, three of which are in the town itself and each one is well worth the visit for theatre enthusiasts and novices.

Contributor: Nat Took from

#4 Chester

This small city used to defend England from Wales. The walls can still be walked and are a great way to get around the city. There is also a Roman Amphitheatre, the racecourse and the river to see from the walls. Along the walls are plenty of informative signs about the history.

Contributor: Nat Took from

#5 Belfast

I loved the city because it had a working-class grittiness to it that you don't see most other cities having. The history of the Troubles is so entrenched within the country and they have amazing murals on the walls honoring what they went through as well as other social justice activists. While walking through the city you get a sense of what they went through to get to where they are now and it was bloody. Queen's University Belfast is absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Belfast should be a bucket list location for anyone, not only for the history but for the beauty.

Contributor: Jen Fry from

#7 Bullslaughter Bay

The Pembrokeshire Coast is known for its ‘secret’ beaches, and Bullslaughter Bay is one of the finest. Not visible from the coastal path, you’ll have to actively seek it out. It has a lovely little beach and on a nice day, the water is as blue as anything you’d find in the Mediterranean.

Contributor: Chris Thomson from


#8 Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows is a stunning man-made, stunning beauty spot in the Lake District. In Victorian times, a beck was dammed which created the tarns, and the Hows are the surrounding small, wooded hills. This is a real picture perfect English landscape.

Contributor: Chris Thomson from


#10 Lake District

This national park was recently made a UNESCO world heritage sight and is a beautiful tourist destination. The Lake District houses the country’s tallest mountain, largest lake and an array of stunning hikes and scenery. The area is great for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. 

Contributor: Demi Johnson

#11 Isle Of Skye

The Isle of Skye boasts stunning landscapes that wouldn’t look out of place in Switzerland, Iceland or Norway. As it’s just off the coast of Scotland, connected by the Skye Bridge, it’s a great place to visit for visitors. This little gem includes majestic cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, lonely lighthouses, fairy pools, dramatic skies and mind boggling lookout points. 

The Isle of Skye is not a typical travel destination – in fact, probably the opposite. It is the sort of place where you’ll need to wrap up warm – really warm in winter – and brave the elements to be rewarded by them in return. 

Contributor: Farhaz Patel

#12 Bristol

If you are at all into street art, then you have to visit Bristol. It was ground zero for street art in the '80's and it was the first European city to fully embrace the form. World famous Banksy is from there but it goes way beyond him. You can find murals and graffiti concentrated in three cool neighborhoods along with the annual street art festival, Upfest.

Contributor: Carol Guttery from

#13 Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Romans in 122AD and it guards the old border between England and Scotland. There are sections of the wall and guardhouse ruins that are in remarkably good shape, considering their age. You can drive from one section to the other, or do the best bits in a four day forty mile hike  Doing the hike is a great way to combine hiking and heritage in some of England's most beautiful countryside.

Contributor: Carol Guttery from


#14 Cotswolds

One of my favorite spots to recommend visitors to the UK is the Cotswolds. Located just a short drive outside of London, this beautiful area has rolling hills dotted with charming towns and villages. There are plenty of quaint B&Bs to spend the night and enticing country pubs to have a drink, making it a fantastic location to include on any UK itinerary!

Contributor: Mero Geesey from

#15 Kynance Cove

I'm writing from Stay In Cornwall to recommend Kynance Cove in Cornwall as a must-visit in the UK.

It's a beautiful beach that could be mistaken for somewhere far more exotic, accessed down a series of winding steps, surrounded by cliffs and rock formations. The views both down on the beach and from the cliffs from above are simply incredible.

Contributor: Hannah Jury from

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