How Essential Is Facebook To The Working World?

With Facebook dominating so much of our spare and/or free times, it can be easy to forget the crucial role it can play in the world of work and business. For most companies, Facebook is one of the most easily accessible and powerful ways of connecting with their audiences, whether that be in terms of promoting messages or products, or simply just communicating more closely with them.

Below are some great insights from leading experts over just how crucial Facebook can be to those living in the working world.

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#1 Connecting With Customers

I started using Facebook to grow my business when I started creating online courses. Until this point, I had only worked with clients one-on-one, and all my new clients came from word of mouth.

I knew if I wanted to scale my business and reach more prospects, I needed to utilize social media. Facebook allowed me to grow my following from 0 to over 1,000 in only two short months. My email list also grew just as quickly.

I created a FB group for my target market (hair stylists) and was able to connect with and nurture my potential customers there. I used the group as a lead magnet, and was able to generate leads via FB ads for less than $1 each. I could not have captured those leads at such a low cost without FB ads.

Contributor: Caity Hubert from caity hubert

#2 Reaching Out

I run a virtual divorce mediation business. I help couples get divorced in a peaceful way by FaceTiming with me, a certified mediator. I also prepare and file all of their documents so they don't have to go to court. It's a less stressful, cheaper alternative.

Facebook has been a valuable tool for me to market my business. I utilize my mom world on fb to get new business. I'm on several mom's groups and advertise and give advice to the many parents that are thinking about divorce. Through Facebook I'm able to reach people I normally would not have access to.

Contributor: Dori Shwirtz from divorce harmony 

#3 A Sole Lead Generation

Facebook is the sole reason for the success of my coaching business. When I decided to make a pivot in my business from providing done-for-you marketing services to providing coaching and consulting services for small businesses, I used Facebook as the sole lead generation and marketing source for my business. Within 7 days of launching my new service, I signed on a mult-5-figure client and haven't looked back. In that first week, I was able to make more money than I typically would in a month.

Contributor: Sharell Weeams from sharellweeams

#4 The Demand Of Facebook

I run a website design and online marketing firm in the Bay Area and we've seen the demand for Facebook related marketing services greatly increase over the last year. We've also expanded our services to include Facebook marketing and Facebook ads management.

We've also seen a new focus from a variety of businesses to use Facebook to recruit for new employees. In the last few months we've seen the most growth in businesses using Facebook for job listings and recruiting, I think that will be the next big thing that businesses all over the U.S. will use Facebook for.

Contributor: Mike Eckelkamp from navolutions

#5 Free Promotion, Used By Millions

Facebook has helped my business tremendously. It gives me a free platform to promote my business, the content I produce, my podcast, and books I have published. Facebook is extremely underutilized by businesses today. Everyone is worried about spending marketing dollars on every place other than Facebook and they are missing the boat with an opportunity to start promoting their business/product/service for FREE.

Contributor: Matt Weik from weik fitness

#6 Driving Traffic

I used Facebook to drive traffic to my website. As costs are low, I'm, able to more than make up for the ad costs in advertising and affiliate revenue. I started this strategy in October of 2017. Since then, net income has grown by more than 300% year over year. In addition, with the growth in audience I'm able to attract larger brands to partner with. There are several ways to increase the traffic. Anyone can buy Facebook followers at Quantum Marketer or from other sources to get a target audience quickly.

Contributor: R.J. Weiss from the ways to wealth

#7 Creating A Community

Facebook has given us the chance to create a community for professional Truckers and professional Movers under our Facebook page Trucking Depot. Our Facebook for our community has a little over 400,000 followers currently and is used to help promote any special sales that are going on through our websites to help truckers save money.

We also have a personal Facebook page with just under 100,000 followers under the Ratchet Straps name. We use this to strictly post our business updates, sales information, as well as a way to share our blog posts or product information so the customers can see if it fits their personal or business needs. I believe Facebook has a large influence on obtaining first-time customers, as well as benefiting our long-term customers by reminding them of our great product lines and seasonal sales.

Contributor: Michael Russell from ratchet straps

#8 Generating Leads

I have used Facebook for generating leads and building my community. When I first launched my business, I used Facebook specifically to build my email list, I wanted to have a solid list of subscribers once we were ready to launch our products. Facebook helped us grow our list tremendously, with targeting our potential customers and allowing us to be very specific about who we wanted to target based on their demographics, income, interest, employer and much more.

Facebook gave us the ability to spread the word about our business with new customers and also help us keep our current customers up to date utilizing Facebook Ads. Facebook allows you to setup up your ads with your target audience in mind and also integrates with other platforms such as Shopify and Instagram.

Contributor: Jhirae Talmadge from trouser9

#9 The Ads

Facebook ads have to be the most powerful way to target potential customers to date. Social media ads have come a long way and Facebook is considered the pinnacle of ads today. With the immense amount of targeting options you have like occupations, behavior, interest, people they follow, etc, you can find your ideal customers on Facebook faster and cheaper than ever before.

Contributor: Tim Absalikov from lasting trend

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Written by James Metcalfe

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