High School: 6 Great Tips For Making The ‘Big Jump’

High school is one of the most important and remembered times in anyone’s life and the initial jump into higher education plays on the mind of every parent and child years before it even happens. The bridge between childhood and adulthood, it is vital that this transition is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for any student hoping to get the best out of their time in the second tier of the education ladder. Below are some great tips for anyone about to take their first step into the adult world…

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#1 Nourishment And Attitudes

Eat a good breakfast, every morning. This improves both mood and concentration. Stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water with you. Dehydration causes brain fog. Psych yourself up: Just telling yourself you'll do great improves performance. Proven fact.

Contributor: Varda Meyers Epstein from kars4kids

#2 Log Your Activities

In anticipation of college applications, create a log of all extracurricular activities, from major to minor, once-in-a-lifetime and daily. For each activity, answer the following questions: (a) What you are doing in this activity? (b) Why are you doing it? and (c) How are you growing?

Left to their own devices, most students focus their application essays almost entirely on the first question, when in fact there needs to be a balance that favors the second and third. It’s important to start logging the answers to these questions in a spreadsheet or document, because students' memories can be surprisingly fuzzy when they are working on college application essays and trying to remember what happened years ago in their activities, and how they felt and grew. The more detail you can record in real time, the better shape you’ll be in for your essays.

Contributor: James Do from cortex college consulting

#3 Make Friends

Take time to make friends. Sometimes you will be approached by someone that has already 'lost' of his/her connections in HS and they are desperate for a new friend. Take time to get to know many students before you commit to being a friend. It is so easy to get labeled in HS, so don't jump into relationships even if you are lonely. Give time to settle in.

Contributor: Julia Simens from jsimens

#4 Be Thinking Of College/Universi

Before committing to your 9th grade classes, make sure that you are on the correct path for meeting the application requirements of your ideal colleges rather than your high school graduation requirements. For example,many top colleges require applicants to have four years of high school math at any level whereas high schools may only require three years of high school math at any level for graduation.

Contributor: Phyllis Zimbler Miller, M.B.A and author of 'HOW TO SUCCEED IN HIGH SCHOOL AND PREP FOR COLLEGE'

  1. I wrote this book to save other parents and teens from having to unnecessarily jump through the hoops that my daughters and I had to jump through because we didn’t know this information beforehand.

#5 Open Mind Enjoyment

My advice to all incoming ninth graders is to make high school as enjoyable and stress free as possible. To do so, keep an open mind and develop a plan to focus on the areas that actually seem exciting. Love programming? Join your high school's FIRST Robotics program. Interested in medicine or nursing? Volunteer at a local hospital. The time you spend out of class should lay the foundation for you to excel in the areas that matter. Colleges care about these things, but more importantly, you will learn about what motivates you to succeed.

Contributor: Greg Kaplan from earning admission

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Written by James Metcalfe

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