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11 Foods You Should Be Eating For Flawless Skin

With such vast and diverse ranges in diets and lifestyle choices available in today’s world, finding the right foodstuffs to help aid you in the seemingly never-ending quest for healthy and youthful-looking skin can prove to be quite the headache. These expert picks however should help narrow down your options and leave you with all the results you could have hoped for.

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#1 Avocados

Avocados are one of the best foods on the market for skin. They contain Vitamin E that nourishes skin along with a large number of healthy fats.

Avocados are also high in carotenoid content, including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein, which are all powerful antioxidants that lower inflammation, reduce the manifestation of certain cancers, eye diseases, and even improve skin texture and appearance.

Contributor: Stacy Caprio from

#2 Fruit and Vegetables

Overall, foods that are anti-inflammatory are better for acne sufferers. These include colorful fruits and vegetables like green, leafy vegetables and berries. Also, I would recommend foods that are great for the gut microbiome, such as fermented foods like Kim Chee, Sauerkraut, and Kombucha. These can help decrease inflammation. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as wild-caught salmon, can also be anti-inflammatory.

Contributor: Dr Anthony Youn from RealSelf

#3 Bone Broth

Bone Broth is nutrient dense, easy to digest and promotes healing. The collagen released from the bones and ligaments are amazing for skin. Collagen helps make elastin which is responsible for skin’s youthful appearance. Many people report a decrease in cellulite while consuming collagen-rich food. Bone broth is also amazing for the gut which has a direct correlation to the skin.

Contributor: Shannon Conklin from

#4 Anything Fresh (And Organic)

There are a lot of companies creating nutraceuticals today - foods designed to feed the skin and make a person younger. Instead of getting your nutrients from a laboratory, it's always best to get them from real food from real farmers. Organic has less herbicides and arguably is more nutritious than conventionally grown, but if you can't afford then go with the conventionally grown over nothing at all.

Contributor: Dr Anthony Youn from RealSelf

#5 Water

It is very important for healthy skin to drink plenty of fluids: six to eight glasses a day and maybe more during the summer months or if you are very active. Water, low-fat milk and sugar-free drinks including tea and coffee all count. Fruit juice and smoothies also count towards your fluid consumption, although they are a source of free sugars and so you should limit consumption to no more than a combined total of 150ml per day.

Contributor: Cathy Richards from

#6 Dark Chocolate

There is good news for the chocolate lovers – there is no strong evidence to show that chocolate causes acne. Dark chocolate even provides more of those antioxidants that may help give skin protection. However chocolate is high in fat and sugar so should only be eaten in moderation.

Contributor: Cathy Richards from 

#8 Vitamin Cs

It’s true; foods high in vitamin C promote the development of healthy skin and can help our skin heal after it’s been damaged—by cuts, burns, or dryness. These foods can also help build collagen, which can contribute to improving capillaries and keeping the skin looking and feeling healthy. So be sure to include plenty of berries, oranges, papaya, kiwi and guava in your diet.

Contributor: Zondra Wilson from

#9 Zinc-Rich Foods

Foods that are high in zinc can help make skin look and feel healthier because it assists in the functionality of the sebaceous glands, which can be found in the skin and play a vital role in the production of oil. This oil helps repair skin problems and keep it feeling soft and smooth.

Foods like poultry, fish, and lean red meat. You can also find zinc in nuts, seeds, and wholegrain foods.

Contributor: Zondra Wilson from 

#10 Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of selenium, a powerful antioxidant that can help improve the functionality of the immune system. Not only will this help you avoid getting sick and recover from an illness, but it can help protect you against mild, modest and serious skin conditions, from sunburn to age spots and even skin cancer.

Contributor: Zondra Wilson from

#11 Honey

Acne is a common skin condition among adolescent and adults. If your facial cream is not giving you the best results, try using honey! First, you can incorporate it into your diet. Try using honey as a sweetener in your tea or adding it to your salad dressing. Another option is to apply the honey directly to the affected areas. Leave the mask on for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water.

Contributor: Rebecca Lee from

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