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Try These Outrageous Ice Cream Flavours From Around The World

With the summer months quickly coming upon us and the temperature rising more and more as the days pass, the delightful chimes of ice cream trucks scooting around our street corners will be a welcome sight for most of us. However, some of us out there might be looking to spice up their summer treats a bit more this year. The days of the plain vanilla cone are coming to a close and all around the globe more and more quirky and outrageous ice creams are coming to take its place. From bits of marrow engraved in the cream to pizza flavoured textures, for better or worse, there’s certainly a lot more creativity to the ice cream market.

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#1 Beef Wasabi Ice Cream

With all the sharp and distinct flavours surrounding it, it's clear to see why beef wasabi flavoured ice creams have taken the US by storm lately. Building up quite the reputation in Denver in particular, 'ice cream alchemy' is growing more and more popular as this quirky flavour circulates around more and more tables.

#2 Bone Marrow and Cherry Ice Cream

Sold pretty exclusively at Salt and Straw in Portland, Oregon, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was an average cup of delicious cherry ice cream if it was handed to you. However, Salt and Straw's special ingredient here is the salty texture of bone marrow being mixed in with bourbon smoked cherries which is obviously woven together in the cream. The balance of salty savoury and the sweetness of the cherry has apparently gone down very well with the Oregon faithful. 

#3 Caramel and Chorizo Ice Cream

Oddfellows in New York has taken to specialising in handmade quirky ice creams for years, with flavours ranging from burnt marshmallows to Guinness, with this latest installment cementing itself as one of the place's most audacious. One of the most sought after items on the menu, the caramel and chorizo swirl has the perfect blend between salty and sweet. 

#4 Pizza Ice Cream

With 300 rotating quirky flavours at their disposal, Max and Mina's in Queens is establishing itself as one of the hubs for outrageous ice creams. Taking everyone's breath away when it was first launched, this ice cream features blends of mozzarella, tomato and real chunks of pizza for good measure. 

#5 Mustard Ice Cream

Created by British chef Heston Blumenthal for supermarket chain Waitrose, mustard flavoured ice cream is designed as savoury counterpart to a good meal. Recommendations vary from tomato salads to cold meat meals, with the flavour apparently coming very close to the same sensation a fresh serving of mustard offers up.  

#6 Avocado and Sea Salt Ice Cream

A real healthy eating delicacy for those wanting to experience a cut down in calories, avocado and a sprinkling of sea salt has seen a bit of a boom in popularity within the health world. With a natural savoury flavour surrounding it, the texture has won plenty of fans over and the reported tastes make it seem a bit more yummy than your first impressions might elude to. 

#7 Fried Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream

Quickly establishing themselves as one of the masters of 'sweet meets savoury' ice creams, Coolhaus in New York city and Los Angeles is known for their audacious and outrageous ice cream selections. Naturally inspired by the southern styled delicacy, the taste of this ice cream is meant to be frighteningly close to a fried chicken mixed in with the sweetness of a home cooked waffle. 

#8 Lobster Ice Cream

Sold exclusively at Ben and Bill's Maine branch, this flavour perfectly encapsulates the New England love of lobster. The ultimate crustacean-based ice cream delicacy, buttery and freshly caught lobster is blended into a thick vanilla cream and served to the public. With the saltiness and freshness of the sea behind it, it's clear to see why it's such a hit with the Maine faithful. 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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  1. Thanks for opening our minds up to a world of ice cream flavors. Today I came across charcoal ice cream in L.A.’s Koreatown. Actually, I didn’t think it tasted like charcoal, not that I would know what it tastes like. To me it tasted like sweet milk and it was pretty good. The only hint that this was something new was that the menu said “black ice cream.” Actually, it was more of a charcoal grey.

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