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5 Gift Ideas For An Injury-Free 2019 By Dr. Nekessa Remy

Is your significant other constantly tossing and turning at night and unable to get a good night’s sleep? Or perhaps your mother in law is always complaining of aches and pains in her muscle and joints. If so, here are some healthy gift ideas to keep your loved ones’ pain and injury free this season.

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#1 Foam Rollers

By now everyone should know what a foam roller looks like. This makes a great gift for that gym rat, who is always sore from their workouts or for the desk jockey who complains about aches and pains from sitting at a computer all day. Foam rollers can help to release muscle tension, decrease soreness and improve flexibility. You can  find them in almost any colour, any length, with or without ridges and most importantly, they can be purchased for less than 50 dollars. Not sure if the recipient will know how to use it? No worries head over to YouTube right now and you will find hundreds of how-to tutorials outlining how to stretch almost every muscle in the body.

#2 Postural Devices

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Who doesn't want better posture? For the chronic 'sloucher' on your list consider purchasing the Upright Postural Trainer. These posture trainers are placed directly onto your spine with adhesives. Once calibrated to your proper posture, the device will vibrate whenever it senses that the wearer is no longer sitting, standing, or walking upright. Not to worry, the vibration is very gentle and serves to remind  the individual to straighten up. These devices can be found on amazon or from the website.

#3 Supportive Pillows

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Sleep is imperative to good health and a good night’s sleep is a great gift to give. Considering pillows should be changed roughly every 18 months, a new pillow is a gift for anyone on your list. Customizable pillows are becoming more popular. Newer companies like Endy and Casper are doing away with heavy memory foam pillows and offering light weight pillows filled with materials that are malleable and able conform to any individuals sleep posture, no matter what position he/she may sleep.

#4 Yoga Mats

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For the yogi on your list or for anyone who would benefit from at home stretching, yoga mats make are the perfect gift. As yoga’s popularity increases, yoga mats have come a long way. They now have specialty mats with more cushioning making them more comfortable as well you can get mats that are able to soak up sweat and wick away moisture for better grip. Others contain odor-fighting component to keep mats fresh. More recently, self-rolling mats have hit the market. These can roll up on their own and stay rolled up without assistance, making them easier to transport to and from the yoga studio.

#5 Portable Sit to Stand Desks

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Research indicates that sitting for long periods especially when at a computer can lead to various muscle and joint injuries. Hence why standing desks are increasing in popularity and can easily be set up at work and at home. Portable sit to stand desk which offer users the ability to alternate  between sit and sit and postures, can now be found online and in most office supply stores at fairly reasonable price. Early research has shown that switching between sitting and standing during a work day is the best for spinal health, making these desks both a thoughtful and affordable gift.

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Written by Dr. Nekessa Remy

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