Best Essential Tools for Your Welding Business

As a business owner, you want to provide your employees with the best, most functional equipment. Quality products ensure safety and increase production. Here are some of the best essential tools for your welding business.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is the most essential tool for any welder since safety is the number one priority while on the job. There are many forms of safety gear that protect workers from serious harm.

Darkening welding helmets prevent shrapnel and sparks from damaging the wearer’s face and also ensure intense light and heat don’t injure the eyes. They make operating a welding gun far more manageable and safer.

Steel-reinforced toe boots prevent materials from breaking the wearer’s feet. This is the most common professional welding injury. These boots also protect against punctures from sharp objects on ground level.

Welding shields are used to protect other exposed skin and clothing from sparks and fire. They’re insulated and padded, making work far more comfortable.

Measuring Tools

There are different measuring tools at workers’ disposal that can be used to ensure metal gets cut the proper way.

For instance, a speed square is a 90-degree triangle used for measuring accurately before cutting. It’s one of the most essential tools for any welder. Soapstone, like its name suggests, is a reliable marking tool with the consistency of soap. Welders use it to draw measurement lines on metal, as it is highly resistant to heat and fire.

A sheet metal gauge uses measurement-labeled metal teeth to mark the thickness of materials accurately. These measurements determine the correct welding method required for specific cutting tasks.

Measurements determine the correct welding method required for specific cutting tasks. You can find great tools for your welding business at Stonex.

Labor-Reducing Equipment

Welding is hard work, and any device that reduces the labor required is much appreciated. Many of these tools make daily responsibilities manageable and limit human error.

An angle grinder is a hand-held cutter perfect for cutting metal stock and sheet metal. It also cleans base metal to prevent cracking and functions as a polisher for finished materials.

A quality pair of non-sparking pliers are the best for tightening or loosening nozzles on a welding gun. C-clamps are like pliers, but their purpose is mainly for holding and supporting materials with pressure.

A chipping hammer is a tool that cleans slag off of welded metal. It has both a flat and pointed side and is highly flexible for any job.


Every fabricator needs a quality table to work on. Welding tables are extremely reliable and even come with specialized features. All tables must be hardy and resistant to heat and fire. The most unique workbenches within the industry are advanced downdraft tables, which extract dust and other fumes from the air and convert them into clean air. These tables are perfect for small businesses with limited space.

With knowledge of the best essential tools for your welding business, you can properly provide your workforce with crucial equipment. Remember to always purchase with safety in mind, and always go for the right tool for the job.

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