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The Best Workout Supplements To Aid Your Transformation

There are three main things when it comes to working out, whether your goal is to build muscle, get shredded, or lose fat. It’s known in gym circles as the holy trident; eat, sleep, train. It’s a simple concept, but get these three things on point, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal. Sometimes, a little bit of extra help is needed.

This comes from an industry where there are a lot of people making money selling supplements. There’s a tonne of different stuff out there, and navigating your way through it all, through all the claims and scientific jargon, can be a nightmare. You just want a supplement like EHP Labs Oxyshred that does the job, simple. These are some of the best supplements out there. You can’t go wrong if you use them to aid and supplement your workout.

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#1 Whey Protein Shake Powder

Whey is the gold standard when it comes to protein. And if you still don't know why, check this whey protein 101 guide from Xtend.

Optimum Nutrition have put together a protein powder with Whey, and the essential branch chain amino acids. Each serving contains 24g of protein, perfect to help your muscles grow and recuperate after a strenuous workout.

#2 Test Xtreme Testosterone Support

If you’re into the muscle game, whether you lift recreationally or professionally, you’re sure to know the importance of testosterone when it comes to building muscle. Testosterone is involved in various physiological mechanisms that lead to protein synthesis and muscle growth. This product, due to it’s blend of ingredients, aids the body in muscle growth and strength gains. D-Aspartic Acid and Zinc are the main ingredients, and both have been proven to boost testosterone levels.

#3 AC8 Xtreme Pre-Workout

Include AC8 pre-workout in your supplement regime, and you’ll reap the benefits as soon as you go into the gym. It’s manufactured to give your workouts a boost so you can enjoy an intense session. It works best taken 30 minutes before a workout, and comes in tasty fruit punch flavour.

#5 Anabolic Mass Gainer

There’s no need to turn to the dark side and take anything illegal if you want help packing on size. There are supplements that can aid you in gaining serious muscle, and this is one of them. It consists of three muscle growth triggers; Anabolic Leucine, high-grade esterised creatine ethyl ester, and high-grade instant BCAA in a unique formula to help you build some serious size.

#6 Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

A lot of protein powders, have just that, protein, but also have carbohydrates and fats. All are essential nutrients needed to power workouts. But you might be on a certain diet, in which case, you might be looking to reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. This supplement will allow you to take in a concentrated form of Whey with very little carbohydrates.

#7 Rich Piana’s Real Food

Those of you who are into bodybuilding and the whole fitness world, would’ve surely known about Rich Piana. He was the biggest personality in the industry until he tragically died in 2017. Rich was a strong advocate of consuming real food before supplements, so came out with his own product. His Real Food product contains pounded yam, oats, sweet potato and blueberries, with a minimal amount of preservatives and extras.

#9 Vintage Burn Muscle Preserver And Fat Burner

This is what ultimately anyone looking to pack on size wants to achieve. They want to gain muscle, preserve muscle, and get ripped by burning fat. This supplement offers the ultimate combination. It’s blend of ingredients targets stubborn fat, and distinguishes between fat and muscle, so you’ll be burning the right calories.

#10 Weider Mass Gainer

If you’re a hard gainer, i.e. you find it tough to get bigger and pack on size, this is the product for you. Of course, first and foremost, you need to eat more, but sometimes some help is needed getting in those extra calories. This mass gainer will help you do just that, aid you in getting in those all-important calories.

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Written by Bhavian Patel