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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny

You depend on your nanny all year long, now it is time to give back with just the right gift. Here are 10 awesome Christmas gift ideas for your nanny.

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#1 JAVAMELTS Sugar, French Vanilla

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JAVAMELTS are a holiday gift favorite for any coffee and tea drinker and what busy Nanny doesn’t love their caffeine? JAVAMELTS are individually wrapped flavored sweeteners made with 5g of Real Sugar, are non-dairy, only 20 calories each, certified gluten free, shelf stable for over 1 year, come in four delicious gourmet flavors and are beautifully packaged: Mocha, Caramel, French Vanilla and Caramel.

Contributor: Carolyn Barbarite from JAVAMELTS, INC.

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#2 LocateWatch – All Day Kids & Seniors Medical Alert Watch

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Locate Motion are a find company that helps locate children who are prone to wandering e.g. kids/ kids with autism and have their loved ones know they are safe. While it would be a wonderful gift that nannies would love since they never have to worry about a child missing under their supervision, it gives a peace of mind to parents who will always know where their kids are.

Contributor: Amna Younus from LocateMotion 

#7 Walden Meditation Cushion

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Walden meditation cushion is the perfect spot for quiet self-reflection and clarity. It’s a modern take on the Japanese zafu, made with waterproof materials, organic buckwheat hull to support your back, and topped with memory foam for comfort. The cushion is designed for the home and is meant to be a visual reminder to meditate and live mindfully. All Walden cushions are handmade in New York. 

Contributor: Eddie Cohen from Walden 

#8 Calm Chamomile -ShopBonTemps

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From the Contributor: We are a new woman-centric tea company that invests in women's pursuits directly which each purchase. Not only are the box designs unlike any other, but the teas are organic, super clean loose leaf sachets. Making it easy for Nannies to enjoy anywhere on-the-go this winter. 

Customers will love that they receive free shipping on orders of 3 and the package will be nicely wrapped and shipped straight to their Nanny's door. No Christmas wrapping or shopping around necessary.

Contributor: Ali Ogston from shopbontemps 

#9 Magnetic Switch Led Lamp

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This LED lamp is with a twist as the name suggests it lets you switch the light on and of magnetically which makes it very unique. It's functional and decorative with its beautiful modern design and makes it for a beautiful gift for a nanny. 

Contributor: Sean Norseman from Unimak

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Written by Ben Skute