Gifts For Your Professor | What Is A Good Gift For A Professor?

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas present or to get better grades, a gift is the way to go. Long gone are the days where a shiny red apple would suffice. Here are some awesome gift ideas for your professor.

#1 POWERUP DART – App Controlled Paper Airplane

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A fun gift for the holidays is the PowerUp Dart, a smartphone-controllable paper airplane. There's also a fair amount of science behind them - you can adjust trim and lift and yaw and things of that nature.

Contributor: Luke Harris from Invent PR

    #2 Leather Camera Strap

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    There is always a professor who loves photography. This is the greatest gift regardless of gender or age. It's the highest quality out there and affordable. For experience and beginner photographers it gives them the perfect look. 

    Contributor: Viridiana Suasnabar from Viridianne Authentic Leather

    #6 WanderSafe – Ultimate Nonviolent Safety Solution

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    One great gift for a professor regardless of gender is a WanderSafe personal safety device. WanderSafe is a discreet, non-violent internet of things device that pairs with a smartphone and has built-in assault deterrent functionality. 

    The device weighs just 70 grams and has a high lumen on click flashlight, a second click strobe light, a twist to activate 140-decibel personal screamer, and a silent SOS button (the WanderSafe Activate) that when paired with the intelligent app, sends an emergency SMS to the three pre-designated contacts. 

    Professors are vulnerable as they commute on and off campus. Personal safety is everyone's concern.

    Contributor: Stephenie Rodriguez from WanderSafe

    #13 Furbo Dog Camera

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    The world’s first treat tossing camera for dogs, is the perfect gift for professors who spend all day on campus while daydreaming about being with their pup. 

    Dog parents can keep an eye on their dog throughout the day, toss them treats, speak to them through a 2-way audio feature, as well as -- via the new Furbo Dog Nanny service -- receive: 

    • 24/7 Smart Alerts: 
    • Dog Activity Alert 
    • Bark Alert 
    • Dog Selfie Alert (yes you get a selfie of your pup!) 
    • Person Alert 
    • Cloud-recorded videos triggered by activity, barking or people in the frame. 
    • Doggie Diaries- You will receive a 60-second timelapse of highlights from your pup’s day. 

    Contributor: Nathalie from Sutherland Gold

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    Written by Ben Skute