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13+ Gifts That Start With E | Gifts That Begin With The Letter E

So you’re looking for a gift that begins with the letter E. Perhaps for a friend called Ellen or Elliot. Here are 13+ awesome gift ideas that begin with the letter E.

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#1 Egg Drop Earrings from Marion Cage

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Perfectly proportioned and unique to boot, these elegant earrings go with everything. Available in matte sterling silver, sterling silver plated in black rhodium with 14k gold French ear wires and 14k gold with pave diamonds.

Contributor: David Ambrogio from Marion Cage

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#2 Eco-Bags Products Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

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ECOBAGS, a really socially responsible and practical gift. Reusable bags that come in many colors and shapes. Because plastic bags are so yesterday.

Contributor: LiaManea from Find That Perfect Gift

#3 Evergreen Elf Christmas Tree Water Monitor

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This hardworking elf is on a mission to protect every family and Christmas tree for the Holiday season. His interactive, engaging personality makes watering the tree a fun activity for the whole family. Christmas can be hectic, and it's easy to forget to check whether the tree has enough water. A dry tree can put your home in danger. We've all heard unfortunate stories about Christmas tree fires. 

Evergreen Elf does the job for you, so you can focus on enjoying the season. This innovative monitor has both a visual and fun audio alert to let you know when the tree is dry. It works with most available commercial tree stands, and the interchangeable batteries are designed to last the entire holiday season. Your tree stays not only safer but also fresh-looking longer.

Contributor: Tabitha from Evergreen Elf

#4 Elly Lu Elephant Organic Stuffed Animal

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Elly Lu Organic stuffed animals are a crowd favorite at Jane. Made of organic cotton and all natural, non-toxic dyes so you don't have to worry about your little one playing with harmful chemicals that most toys are made with.

Contributor: Virginia H from Jane

#5 Elephant Greeting Card from Passion Lilie

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Made in Sri Lanka from elephant dung. Why? Elephant dung is a free resource that once cleaned and processed, makes a great textured paper. Elephants are being killed in Sri Lanka, but thanks to Project Maximus (Ellie Pooh Paper) using elephant dung has helped to raise farmers’ tolerance towards elephants as they are now seen as an economic asset. 

Contributor: Lauren Walter from Passion Lilie

#8 Encompass Necklace Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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The Encompass Necklace features the signature style of the Baird® Ripple collection: clean lines, geometry and gentle pops of color!

The placement of gemstones and sterling silver granule detailing balances this two-toned design, which juxtaposes a smooth, circular exterior and an 18K yellow gold connections with saturated gemstones in the interior.

Available in singular color palettes of tints and shades of purples (as featured in the photo), yellows, blues or with the option to customize gemstones to create a Mother's birthstone piece.

Contributor: Kristen Baird from Kristen Baird® Jewelry

#12 Entry Chloride-Free Ice Melt

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Entry is a chloride-free ice melt that works in 30 seconds. It's *so* good, it's the official de-icer of the Denver Broncos - but is gaining popularity among homeowners, too.

Because it works faster than other melts, Entry is perfect for anyone worried about kids or seniors falling. Even more, it doesn't make a mess of houses. Entry tracks like water; it's a clear liquid that's not sticky or smelly and leaves no residue behind.

Contributor: Nate Clemmer from Branch Creek

#14 Echelon Connect Indoor Cycling Fitness Bike Bicycle Fit

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The Echelon Smart Connect Bike connects to the Echelon Fit App for an immersive at-home workout experience, wherever and whenever you need a challenging workout.

This is a perfect gift for anyone looking to get into shape in the comfort of her own home rather than having to find time in their busy schedule to go to the gym. With the Echelon Smart Connect Bike, you will get a great workout in the fraction of the time it takes you to get to the gym and drive back home.

Each instructor is experienced and encouraging to get each member back in shape, motivating each one to hop by on that bike and stay in shape.

Contributor: Jasmine from Echelon 

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Written by Ben Skute