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Why Splurge on a Luxury Pen

We live in a modern, digital world where SMS, Emails, PMs, and chat messages are all en vogue. Writing has definitely taken a backseat. In fact, this is seen as an equivalent to typing on a small laptop keyboard or mobile phone touch pad. Never mind picking up that pen!

Now, you must be wondering why is there still a need for premium and expensive fountain pens or ballpoint pens. Is there even a point to them in this techie age? After all, we even tend to lose those regular pens we pick up as freebies in an expo.

A Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Even in this current, digital era, a pen remains mightier than the sword, and choosing the right pen is the key. The charm of quality pens have not diminished at all. These luxury writing instruments remain a favorite of many people because of their intrinsic worth and the timeless value they possess.

If you are still iffy about being a proud owner of an expensive pen, there are several reasons why you should crossover to the luxurious side of writing. We promise that once you get the feel of a Montblanc ball point or a Caran D’ Ache fountain pen, you will never want to go back. Here under are reasons for investing in the best executive pens.

Quality is Unparalleled

Yes, quality comes at a steep price. Luxurious pens do cost more than your regular pens, but this is money you will not regret spending because the quality of these brands are unmatched. You will get smooth and excellent writing quality consistently, no matter how old your pen becomes.

If you are someone who enjoys writing and doodling in a planner, then owning a luxurious pen is a must because it gives the best writing experience. Even if writing is not your thing, owning an expensive pen is still a must have because you need to experience the amazing benefits of luxury pens at least once in your life. Branded pens bring effortless and easy grace to any of your writing activities.

Welcomes you to a Special Club

Your luxury pen will always be a constant source of pride and joy. It is a testament to your success because being able to have the spending power to purchase one means you have achieved a lot in life and you have reached a certain level of financial freedom. Having a luxurious pen clipped to your coat or shirt pocket says a lot about you.

And the great thing about it is, people who are in the same boat will be able to understand this feeling of exclusivity. You will share an instant connection with many others out there who put value and take pride in the things that they use. If you ever need to make a style statement or a good first impression, your luxury pen will do a great job in doing that for you.

Evokes Feelings of Nostalgia

A luxury pen is a timeless, classic, and elegant piece. Owning one means you own a part of history. Before the world turned digital, everyone put value in a pen. Now that everyone is lost in signals and screen time, stay a cut above the rest of the boring pack and go back to tradition.

No matter what happens, human beings will always have a need for pens whether to issue checks, sign contracts, take quick notes, and the like. On top of that, there will always be the aspect of art that can never rely on just the digital component. Believe us, there is no better way to do these activities than using your luxury pen that writes smoothly, deters blots, and never goes out of style.

Can Evolve into a Hobby

Watch out! Buying your first pen can actually turn into a fun hobby that you would eventually love to nurture. You may start with buying just a simple fountain pen, and after realizing that it indeed does an awesome job, you slowly build and add to your collection without even realizing it.

The nice thing about turning this love for luxurious pens into a hobby is that it means you will actually be using your pens more. You might even learn how to sketch or do calligraphy because of your pen collection. You can also opt to do creative entries in your daily planner. And what’s nice about having a unique hobby is that it eases tensions, takes the stress away, and makes you feel relaxed.

Great Investment Piece

A quality pen is an investment piece. Yes, it may be expensive, but its value doesn’t diminish over time, especially if you will stake your claim on limited edition pieces. If you slowly build up a nice collection, all these pieces that tickled your fancy can eventually be passed on to the next generation.

Your treasured collection of pens will not just be an intangible things but a memento of your life. These pens can turn into heirloom family pieces that speak about your rich history. After all, with their craftsmanship and precision engineering, these luxurious pens will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Can Be Used as a Great Gift

Awesome pens aren’t something that people usually purchase for themselves. With your extensive knowledge in buying these pens, you can learn which will go best as gifts to the people in your life. This will serve as an exquisite gift to a boss, a co-worker, a friend, or a family member.

The happy occasion could be just about anything, and the luxury pen would work as a perfect gift at any given time. The nice thing about expensive pens is you can customize them to fit the personality of your recipient. You can even have their names engraved for a more personalized feel.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should have at least one luxury pen in your life. The thing about buying something valuable is that you actually take better care of it. This fabulous pen is something that you will really treasure, work hard not to lose, and use for the rest of your life.

This makes its daily cost per use totally affordable. With luxurious pens, you get value for money, along with great style. Never go for quantity but quality because you deserve nothing but the very best


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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