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12+ Gifts That Start With The Letter R | Gifts That Begin With R

So you want to find that perfect gift for Ron, or perhaps for Rachel. Here are 12+ gifts that begin with the letter R.

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#1 Reiki + Crystal Infused Bath Salt

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As per the Contributor: The Light Journey offers a holistic self-care product and service. I specialize in the energy healing of Reiki. In addition to using the therapeutic system to promote relaxation and emotional wellness, I also use it to blend a botanical bath salt blend to aid others with their self care routine and encouraging mindfulness by giving others the tools they need to give themselves the time, energy and attention they truly need to feel balanced and whole. Treat your loved ones with the gift of relaxation! 

It is a unique hand-made gift that is perfect for the giver and do-er on your Christmas shopping list! 

Contributor: Shayleen McHugh from The Light Journey

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  1. Wonderful! ❤❤❤

  2. I LOVE the bath salts. They smell beautiful and come with a crystal inside. They really help me relax in the tub. It’s a perfect gift!

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#2 RISE Brewing Co’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Cases

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Subscriptions can be selected to arrive every 14, 30 or 60 days in the following flavors, or a variety pack: 

  • Original Black: The flagship nitro is smooth, strong and frothy and pours out looking creamy, but there is no milk, sugar or chemicals. 
  • Oat Milk Latte: First of its kind, this creamy and rich latte is made with RISE’s organic oat milk. 
  • Classic Latte: Clean & silky, but not overly decadent 
  • Mocha Latte: Also made with RISE’s organic oat milk, the mocha is chocolate-forward and velvety. 
  • Lemonade: The Arnold Palmer of coffee, this is bright and refreshing. 
  • Blood Orange: This tea-like flavor is creamy, tangy and refreshingly smooth. 

Contributor: Jessica Smeriglio from RISE Brewing Co.

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#4 RunnerBox Subscription Box for Runners

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It's an awesome gift because it's convenient (it's delivered right to the recipient's doorstep), a great value ($20 gets you $40-$60 worth of product) and it's easy. 

RunnerBox does all the work in finding the best products on the market so you don't have to. RunnerBox has been featured on top gift guides such as LA Times, BuzzFeed, and Esquire. 

Contributor: Laura Jorgensen from The RunnerBox

#5 Reboundwear Women’s Short Sleeve Lindsey Top

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Reboundwear is disrupting fashion and healthcare by bringing humanity back to healthcare with adaptive clothing that makes dressing easier for the millions of people who struggle with this daily task in regular clothing. 

It is the perfect gift for people young and old, sick or well with an injury, just like my friends and family, there are no comfortable, functional clothing solutions that actually looked like the clothing of 21st century.

Contributor: Bimla Picot from Reboundwear 

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#6 Rattan Tray with Cutout Handles

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Rattan is a cute little gift and bangs on trend right now.

Rattan homeware is cute and actually a useful gift! It's something that can be incorporated into any lifestyle. For serving drinks and keeping your potted plants tidy, the natural look of rattan is a boon for your IG feed's #photooftheday!

Contributor: Isobel McKenzie from

#7 Ravishing Custom Lapel Pins

A ravishing custom lapel pin is a perfect gift for the person whose name starts with the letter R. It will  definitely delight anyone who gets them. Because it is not only an exquisite gift with beautiful color and   nice shape. Wearing a ravishing pin, be more confident and ravishing.

Why not design unique and special ravishing lapel pins for your friends, families, or others on GSJJ. You  will make a ravishing gift that satisfied both Ron and Rachel.

#8 Rhea Fleece Cardigan

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This Rhea Fleece Cardigan from fair trade clothing company Passion Lilie is a great on-the-go cardigan to break out on cool autumn nights out or to wrap up with all winter long. Just throw it on and enjoy a warm, fashionable look, complete with pockets. With its black base and textured white streaks, this cardigan can even dress up a more casual look. 

Contributor: Lauren Walter from Passion Lilie

#11 ReGrained Supergrain Healthy Granola Energy Bar

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ReGrained is an innovative supergrain bar that tastes good and makes you feel good, all while fighting food waste. Through creative reuse, we take the leftover supergrain and, instead of throwing it away, turn it into a high-protein, high-fiber, high-impact ingredient. 

ReGrained means you get the best of all worlds: a delicious snack high in fiber and protein but low in sugar, wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging, and made with our world in mind. ReGrained is the best for healthy living – in every sense of the term. 

Contributor: Dan Kurzrock from ReGrained 

#12 Reveri Plant Based Frozen Dessert

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Reveri is a game-changing alternative to ice cream that ends the trade-off between luscious taste and health. 

Reveri is crafted from whole fruits and vegetables. Reveri delivers the sweet taste and rich mouthfeel of super-premium ice cream, yet contains no dairy, added sugar, sweeteners, or fats, and averages only 82 calories for a 4-ounce serving. It is also gluten- and GMO-free. 

Reveri comes in 4 different flavors: Vanilla Almond Blossom, Chocolate Forest, Purple Chip Mint, and Strawberry Patch. 

Contributor: Amber Masciorini from ChicExecs 

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Written by Ben Skute