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4 Gift Ideas For Carpenters | Best Gifts For Carpenters

Carpentry is an amazing profession. It takes years of work to master and become among the best at what you do. Here are 4 awesome gift ideas for the carpenter (or carpenters) in your life.

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#1 Carpenter Space Pen by Fisher

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Fisher Contractor Space Pen Tool, the perfect gift for DIYers. It features Level and Plumb vials, a Magnetic Base, Metric and Imperial Measurements and, of course, a removable Space Pen. Fisher Space Pen Co. makes the zero-gravity Astronaut pen which has flown aboard every manned space mission since Apollo 7.

The pen features a patented pressurized ink refill which allows it to write upside down, at any angle, in extreme temperatures, underwater, over grease and on almost any surface three times longer than other pens.

Contributor: Gabriel Reyes from Reyes Entertainment

#2 Blackrock Fully Fingerless Mechanical Safety Gloves

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What is a carpenter’s best tool? Their own hands. 

Fingerless gloves will make sure these most precious of tools are always protected and comfortable. Form fit, and non-slip reinforced palms make for an ideal gift for the chippy in your life. The finger ends are cut-away to make the handling of screws and nails a doddle. They are a flexible fit and can be adjusted with a velcro strap at the wrist. What better gift for a carpenter than the gift of protection of his livelihood.

Contributor: Dean Else from PPE Work Solutions (PWS)

#3 Vacmaster BEAST Wet/Dry Vac

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It’s both practical and solves problems—the gift that keeps on giving. Working with wood can get messy—the least favorite part of the job for any carpenter. Make their life easier by buying them something they typically wouldn’t buy for themselves. They’ll thank you later. 

Contributor: Emily Yutzy from Vacmaster

#4 Mad Gab’s MG Body Balm

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MG Body Balms are created to help hydrate hands and dry skin from head to toe. Formulated with essential oil extracts, shea butter and olive oil that will help protect your lips and skin in all weather--made with 100% natural ingredients, they are a great gift option for carpenters with dry and cracked hands. 

Contributor: Katie Casper from Mad Gab's

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Written by Ben Skute