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Become A Lion: How To Befriend Successful People

“Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”

– Anonymous 

Surrounding yourself with successful people is easier said than done. Luckily for you, here are 13 simple tips to help you befriend successful people without appearing needy or co-dependent.

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#1 Let Them Come To You

Create an intellectual center of gravity at parties by entertaining everyone with fun stories from the classics: art, literature, Greek mythology, geography, science and Latin. Successful people want to cultivate contacts who can keep up in terms of the classics and more. With the Divino Classic Education app, you will refresh your memory about the Sword of Damocles, Special Relativity, Fibonacci Numbers, the Odyssey, Jack Kerouac, Macbeth, Minkowski Space, Schrödinger's Cat and more. Let successful people find you. It's easier and better to let them come to you.

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  1. I’m rocking it with the intelligentsia.

  2. Just learned about Hedy Lamarr … yes the actress and inventor of technology used for Bluetooth. Mind blown.

#2 The Third Door

There is always a third door for every situation, including when it comes to meeting successful individuals. Do a little research and discover who this person is friends with. You may have a mutual contact and that might be your way in. Once you begin to interact with that person, don't treat them like they're an object. Act natural, be patient, make them feel appreciated by complimenting them, and make them laugh!!

Contributors: Mike Bruce from The Chill Foundation

#3 Use Your Funnybone!

After working with c-level and celebrity clients, I've found most successful people are liked because they are great storytellers. They also appreciate a funny story or two that they can relate to. When in a meeting, LISTEN and ask them questions about themselves. Find a way to bring humor into it, and they'll remember you!

Contributors: Mike Bruce from The Chill Foundation

#5 Facebook Stalking Is…appreciated!

Dress to impress. This might seem a little odd, but sometimes before meeting with a client, I like to see if I can find out their favorite color to wear. Their profile photos or google searches might provide a common theme - when you go to meet them, chances are they might acknowledge your shirt or pocket square...because it's YOUR favorite color, too 😉 Once they can relate to you, you're in!

Contributors: Mike Bruce from The Chill Foundation

#6 Make a Good First Impression

Most of the time, successful people pay attention to the smallest details. So if you ever see your idol in public then make sure that you look well organised before approaching them. And if you don't, then DO NOT approach them as you will make a terrible first impression, which will ruin all sorts of future connections.

Contributors: Munir Obeidat from Munir Obeidat LLC

#7 Respect Their Time

Acknowledge their time is valuable and don’t waste any of it. This means if you want a meeting with someone successful and busy, always state what you hope to get out of it. Don’t just ask for time with no purpose or goal. Successful people don’t do “coffee dates” or “lunch” just for fun- they have things to do!

You can show appreciation for their time in advance by using Giftology tactics, like doing something crazy to get their attention that shows you know them. You never want to take their time for granted, because it’s more valuable than money.

Contributors: Nicole Faith from 10 Carat Creations

#9 Don’t Act Like A Fan

Act like a friend. Successful people are used to fans hounding them. On the rare occurrence they're treated like regular people, it's incredibly refreshing. In fact, they'll even be likely to remember your name instead of just a random face in the crowd.

Contributors: Brad Bizjack from BradBizjack

#10 Ask For Advice

Have the courage to ask them for guidance. Remember that all successful people are simply just regular people. Most started with nothing. They can empathize with your challenges and most likely have advice that could change your life. In fact, most successful people love sharing their best tips on how they got to where they are. So don't be afraid to ask!

Contributors: Brad Bizjack from BradBizjack

#11 Give Genuine Compliments

Give a sincere and genuine compliment. For the example of a musician, there's a huge difference between Oh my gosh I love your music and I've been to all of your concerts! and I really appreciate how hard you worked on (album name). It's obvious you're incredibly dedicated to what you do. Can I ask what inspired you to write (song name)?

Contributors: Brad Bizjack from BradBizjack

#12 Find common ground

I live in Los Angeles, CA and regularly see celebrities and other successful people. The top tip to befriend them is to find common ground beyond their celebrity status. This could be sports, current events, or something else your both interested in. Whatever it is, do not make it about what makes them famous and/or well-known.

Contributors: Mariano Rodriguez from LawRank

#13 Successful people are just people

Successful people are just people.  They respond to the same things that everyone responds to: they like to talk about themselves, they have needs to be met and problems to solve, and they want to be in contact with people that can help them.  The only difference is that they are often so overwhelmed with communication requests that their filter is much higher.

If you can get through the filters and gatekeepers to one of these people, it's essential to be ready, focused and brief.  Let them know who you are in one sentence, what you want from them in one sentence, and query their interest in one sentence.  Provide easy and accurate contact information so that they can respond, and then let them alone.

Contributors: Adam Cole from A Jazz Musician Who Writes Books

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Written by Ben Skute

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