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12 Reasons You Should Visit Vietnam For That Once In A Life Time Trip

So you’re thinking of visiting Vietnam? Here are 12 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Vietnam is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 The Stunning Landscapes

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting and diverse destinations with foods and flavors to equal the stunning rural, river and mountain landscapes.

Having burst onto the world economic scene in recent years, Vietnam has shed its image of a tragic, war-torn destination, replacing it with a modern and forward-moving vibe.

From the Mekong Delta in the south to the dramatic mountains of the north, Vietnam also boasts two emerging world-class cities, a coastline dotted with spectacular beaches and some wonderful historical sites.

The country is blessed with diverse and picturesque landscapes, warm, friendly people, a rich cultural heritage, and an appealing, tasty and varied cuisine.

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#3 The Amazing Food

While you can now get dishes like Bahn Mi and Pho in many big cities around the world, no Vietnamese food ever tastes as good elsewhere as it does in Vietnam. Look out for Mi Quang in Da Nang as it's hard to find it anywhere else, and thick, tangy Cao Lau noodles in Hoi An - also a local specialty that cannot be imitated. Mi Quang, a kind of noodle soup, is so good there's even a song about it on YouTube - the Mi Quang Song.

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#4 Place To Visit: Ha Long Bay

The unreal world of Ha Long Bay must be seen in person and from a boat. We stayed in Cat Ba Island and took a boat cruise around Ha Long Bay from here. This is more intimate and way less cruises start from here. This gives you a bit more freedom to explore and enjoy the landscape and floating villages all around.

Contributors: Matt Kiefer from Hostelgeeks | Discover more things to do in Vietnam by clicking here.

#6 Place To Visit: The War Remnants

Vietnam stands for a terrible war in the western world. This is really unfair and it does not even get close to anything you will experience. Yet, it is part of the history. You can visit the world famous Cu Chi Tunnels that the Vietcong used to hide and attack from. They are North of Saigon and you can join regular tours from the big city.

Contributors: Matt Kiefer from Hostelgeeks | Discover more things to do in Vietnam by clicking here.

#8 Place To Visit: Mui Ne

Located on the coast to the east of Ho Chi Minh, this beachside town has been on the Russian tourist radar for a long time and even features road signs in Cyrillic. The beach is less lustrous than perhaps in other spaces, but a good place to try one's hand at kite surfing. The region is more well known for the collection of dunes of various colours of sand. Interesting to visit country perceived to most as lush and tropical, to then climb huge sand dunes overlooking the sea. There are dunes of yellow, red, and even a darker sand - all somehow separated by colour!

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#9 The Stunning Ancient Temples

The vast and ancient temple complex of Angkor is truly one of the world's great sights. The many jungle-clad temples within it are truly one of the most fantastic man-made sights on the planet, on a par with the Pyramids or Machu Picchu for their sense of sheer jaw-dropping wonder. Seeing the sunrise over the world's largest religious complexes, Angkor Wat; feeling the gaze of countless stone faces watching you at Bayon Temple; clambering around the jungle ruins of the 'Tomb Raider Temple', Ta Prohm - these are all magical, unforgettable experiences.

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#10 To Explore Sapa

Located in Northern Vietnam, Sapa is a wondrous destination filled with gorgeous mountains, shimmering rice paddies, unbelievable views, and some of the nicest people you’ll meet in Vietnam. Travelers can choose to stay in a homestay with a local Vietnamese family, where you eat dinner with them, the family takes you trekking around Sapa, and you get a real feel for local life. Sapa is like no other place in Vietnam, with it’s incredible views, welcoming locals, and unbelievable adventures.

Contributors: Sophia Anderson from The Wanderful Me

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