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Why are Weighted Blankets the Best Option for Sleeping?

In recent times, the sales of organic weighted blankets have been increased unexpectedly. The only reason for this hype is that people have come to know about the health benefits of organic weighted blankets. People are considering to alter standard blankets with weighted blankets even celebrities are promoting these blankets.

Well, in previous times, weighted blankets were used for people who were under treatment. Still, the latest research shows that sleeping on weighted blankets along with bamboo bedsheets can be really helpful to cope with physical, mental health. But yet! Many people are still not sure what a weighted blanket is. Let us cover in this blog what a weighted blanket is?

What is meant by a weighted blanket?

So considering their name, weighted blanket, we can quickly grab the idea that these are blankets with weights. But this is not all they are about; there is much more to know about it, and that is why they have become quite popular.

Although the professional therapist has been using weighted blankets to aid in helping symptoms linked with sensory for years, particularly for kids and grown-ups with autism disease, but it took a little longer for everyday individuals to understand its benefits in daily life.

Mainly, they are heavy blankets available in different sizes. If we see their design, so these include pockets packed with weighted stuff like pellets or beads.

These separate pockets are stitched shut and sewn together just as a collaged sheet. The collaging method assists in evenly distributing the weights all above the body.

Then distributed weight will trigger the pressure points over the body, indicating them to calm the neurological system.

The soothing effects of weighted blankets on the neurological system of the human body are what actually assist in helping reduce anxiety and cope with sensory-linked issues instigated by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The soothing and calmness provided by weighted blankets help people sleep earlier; particularly, people who have trouble falling asleep can manage the symptoms by using weighted blankets with bamboo bed sheets.

Plus, the other reason weighted blankets are effective for a better sleep cycle is that they stimulate the production of a hormone called serotonin, a chemical required for sleep.

Furthermore, more production of melatonin caused by weighted blankets also makes sure you have a good sleep as well as naturally reestablish the body’s 24-hourly rhythm.

People who used organic weighted blankets showed great satisfaction. According to their reports, they felt fresher and rested when they got up in the morning; increased melatonin levels caused them to feel fresher and better.


Apart from explaining what weighted blankets are, we covered other information in the blog as well to let you know why weighted blankets are demanded most in the market and considered the best choice in terms of bed collection. Do let us know about your experience with the weighted blankets in the comment box.

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