A Contractor’s Tip Guide to Planning a Construction Budget

When drafting the perfect financial plan for your building’s renovation, you need to look over some things and ensure you have enough funds to cover these areas. Here’s a contractor’s tip guide to planning a construction budget.


When analyzing your spending plans, the first thing to remember is that every property you build on won’t cost the same, especially if you’re demolishing and rebuilding. In some highly desirable locations, you might expect to pay close to 60 percent of your budget. But other places might be more or less, depending on the area.

Some other fees that come with the property that you need to pay to include:

  • Realty fees
  • Taxes
  • Closing costs
  • Permit fees


Now that we’ve gone over some property costs, we can look at materials. You can purchase used products to save a bit or spend more on new items. Many contractors have a chance to form relationships with suppliers and receive better rates for supplies.

When sourcing materials, you need to save enough funds to cover incurred fees for the building structure and its preparation.

For the site preparation, the items to stock up on are things like paving materials, such as pipes and drains, and other things that beautify the property, such as plants for the landscaping.

You want to have the right assortment of materials for the building structure, especially for laying out the foundation and building your walls. Things like insulation, doors, windows, and flooring are what you want to obtain during the process.


You can’t complete most buildings in a day. So you’ll need an honest, hardworking crew who has experience. You’ll need to hire different individuals for various jobs, such as individuals who can operate heavy machinery, painters, and subcontractors. You can also get an assistant who can step up when you need to do another task.

This part of the budget needs to cover these things:

  • Vacation time
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Hourly wages


Equipment is the other thing you need to think about when drafting your budget. Services like waste management, tool rentals, and landscaping companies need to know you can pay them before delivery. If you’re struggling to find the best methods to clean up your debris, you should remember that a dumpster rental service could help you out.

While drawing up your final costs, ensure there’s enough to cover these things:

  • Equipment rental
  • Delivery
  • Fuel
  • Repair or maintenance fees

This contractor’s tip guide to planning a construction budget will help when you’re drafting a spending limit for your building project. Keep these things in mind when deciding how to spend for every section.

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