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7 Preparation Tips for GAMSAT 2022

The GAMSAT stands for Graduate Medical School Admissions Test, organized by ACER (Australian Council for Education Research). This test is taken in order to assess and rank a student’s capability and reasoning skills and is necessary for students who wish to pursue pharmacy, dentistry, or medicine degrees at British, Australian, and Irish universities. A degree is needed in order to sit for this exam, typically a bachelor’s level degree. This test is based on reasoning rather than knowledge-based.

Here are seven tips for preparation for GAMSAT:

1. Practice questions

GAMSAT practice questions help a lot to pass the exam. As the proverb goes, Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more you will get to know the patterns of the exam, the style of questions, and the varieties of different approaches that you can use, all of which will help you while sitting the exams. It is often said that going through GAMSAT practice questions is one of the most useful things you can do to assist your preparation. It will help you get to know the question pattern, and you will know what to expect and what to not. The more you practice, the more prepared you are to pass the exam with good marks.

2. Attempt all the questions in the test papers

People tend to leave out some questions when they are sitting an exam. This typically happens when they are not comfortable with certain sections, a common example being Physics in Section 3. As such it’s important to ensure you cover all your bases in your preparation as this way, you’ll get to know your weaker areas and spend more time on improving them. Another common reason why questions are left unanswered is that students run out of time – Make sure you practice under time pressure to get a feel for working through questions efficiently and when you’re running out of time it’s better to just put something down as there’s a chance you might be right!

3. Don’t be overconfident

There is a thin line between overconfidence and confidence, and you must not cross the line at any cost. Some students get overconfident after getting good marks in colleges and schools. Others think that because they have done a science or biomedical science degree that they will fly through Section 3. It’s important to remember that this exam is based on reasoning skills, and there will be many practical questions that you will need to think and answer. Your overconfidence might even stop you from practicing a lot. Do not do that to yourself, and it means you are stepping away from success. Be confident by preparing, not overconfident and failing to prepare.

4. Read the Questions Properly

There are students who read the questions once and begin to try work out the answer; This is a surefire way to miss important information and make it harder for yourself. Read all the questions thoroughly and properly before you answer the questions, make notes as required and keep a mental map of where to find important information. There will be tricky questions, which you will have to read, think and answer. Do not start working out the answer immediately after reading the question. Give some time to the question and it will give you a basic idea of the questions you have and help you in time management.

5. Focus on your key skills & Work on Practicing

This exam is competitive, and the questions will be different from what you generally get in schools or colleges. Start practicing aptitude questions to develop your critical thinking. Begin reading different media and analysing written content for Section 1 and 2. Remember one thing: you cannot do all this overnight, which means you have to start practicing from before only.

6. Make a study plan

You must have a study schedule. You cannot overwork yourself because it will tire you down, causing you to lose focus and time. So, first, get yourself a study schedule; it will help you in focusing on other works and in the study as well.

7. Time management

Practice some time management skills; it will be very necessary when you are giving the GAMSAT exam. You will have a lot on your plate in a short time. And you will have to finish a lot of questions in a short time span. So time management will help you finish your papers in a short time.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you like our blog and get all the information you want. But, whatever you prepare, make sure to prepare for the best and give your best in it.

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