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Five Tips to Master Your Invisalign Experience

Since its invention in 1997, the phenomenon of Invisalign has managed to become extremely popular. Solidifying itself as a long-lasting trend within the dental industry, and being utilized by over eleven million people worldwide. Re-shaping the way people…well… reshape their smile! And providing a manageable and modern alternative to the frustration of having braces glued onto your teeth.

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Here are some insightful tips if you’re considering trying out Invisalign, or want to optimize your current experience with the product.

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth!

One of the benefits to Invisalign is also a downfall, it feels so natural that people often forget it’s there. It’s common for a lot of people to quickly fall into old oral hygiene habits because of this, meaning they’re not brushing and flossing as much as they should be!

It’s recommended to brush your teeth after every meal. The aligners create the perfect compact environment for food particles to become trapped in and build up quickly. So be mindful of this and brush, brush, brush!

Cosmetic Dentist Paramus also adds that you should floss to ensure that the gaps between your teeth are cleaned as well.

Your Speech Could Use Some Work

While Invisalign is convenient due to its stealth-like appearance and snug fit, it will still have some impact on your speech. The implications vary from person to person, but it generally comes down to your mouth adjusting over time.

Practice makes perfect; its most effective to practice speech exercises with the aligner when you have free time, giving your mouth the opportunity to acclimate. It’s probably best to wait until after a big presentation at work or school, or speech at a wedding, before starting with the product!

Coffee, Juices & Tea, Oh My!

Generally, the only colour we want our teeth to be is white! Its crucial to be mindful of what we’re consuming when we have our aligner on, and the general rule in terms of liquid is; water ONLY!

All sugary drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol can and will stain your aligners over time, (not to mention damage your teeth too). Familiarize yourself with always removing your Invisalign before drinking any of the aforementioned liquids.

Everything Needs a Home

Once people get comfortable with things, they tend to become more and more careless with them over time. Try to avoid these stereotypes with Invisalign.

While the aligners are durable, it’s crucial they be placed in their protective case after use! Do not form a habit of placing aligners on your bedside table, inside a napkin, or on the seat of your car where the susceptible material could melt from the heat! We want these products, and anything else entering our mouth, to be as void of bacteria as possible.


Invisalign camouflages into our oral structure and daily routine so well, that it’s common to forget it’s there. Its strength is its flexibility because unlike braces they can be removed whenever you please.

It’s important to remember, for effective results Invisalign must be worn for the majority of the day. Or, about 20-22 hours; with the remaining 2-4 hours granting you the space you need to eat, drink, or even give your teeth some fresh air.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Invisalign product, or want to use Invisalign to help realign your teeth, we’d be happy to see you as soon as possible to guide you through the process!

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