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How to Select and Buy Tree-Free Toilet Paper Rolls Online?

Conventional toilet paper contributes to extensive deforestation given its widespread usage. Hence, switching to tree free toilet paper safeguards the Earth’s critical defense against climate change. Trees generate the oxygen you breathe and provide a natural habitat for wildlife species.

The use of conventional toilet paper makes your bathroom a hazardous zone for the environment. Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant making it a more sustainable alternative to more conventional sources of paper. Moreover, producing toilet paper from biodegradable bamboo requires far less water than traditionally made versions.

Online Buying Guide

Toilet paper made from natural bamboo is a recommended substitute for standard rolls. A roll of tree-free toilet paper assures you of a superior experience on every usage, while also being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

When sourcing your eco-friendly toilet paper online, ensure it ticks these checkboxes:

Sustainable Material

Paper made from sustainable bamboo, for instance, resembles a standard toilet roll. Bamboo requires no fertilizer, is fast-growing, and has similar usage as wood minus the adverse ecological impact. When compared to conventional rolls, soft bamboo toilet paper also feels more comfortable.

Considering no trees are harmed to produce bamboo toilet paper, they are environmentally friendly. Certain brands incorporate colorful marine-inspired designs on their toilet rolls that add to their appeal and impress when placed in your bathroom.

High Ply Count

Ply refers to the number of paper layers incorporated. A higher ply count yields a more absorbent, softer, thicker, and stronger toilet paper roll. As a result, 3-ply toilet tissues carry a steeper price tag because they are high in thickness, softness, and strength.

Responsible Packaging

Evaluate the packaging material in which the toilet roll is wrapped. An eco-conscious manufacturer wraps each roll in paper instead of non-biodegradable plastic.

The cardboard roll around which standard toilet paper is wrapped is no good for the environment once discarded. However, tube-free rolls may get slightly messy as you near the end. But, they effectively reduce wastage, especially when the toilet paper is devoid of tree components.

No Harmful Chemical Additives

Toilet rolls, a by-product of trees and recycled papers, usually contain strong chemicals responsible for their white appearance. Bleach, chlorine, and BPA are harmful substances that are toxic to the environment and you personally.

Tree-free rolls are often also BPA-free, and hence, are safer. Further, they are also 100% natural and produced through sustainable methods, making them better alternatives to conventional toilet paper.

Convenient Purchase Options

Certain eco-friendly online stores offer various kinds of eco-friendly products, including tree-free toilet paper. They also have an assortment of sizes, thicknesses, quality levels, and roll sizes, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Some online stores also allow you to set up a monthly subscription to ensure you never run out of toilet paper under any circumstances. Further, since it is delivered right to your doorstep, you don’t have to worry about running to the store to replenish your stock monthly. Monthly subscriptions also let you avail of discounts, making it easy on your wallet.

Ditch harmful toilet paper in favor of a sustainable product that rewards you with a clean conscience knowing you contribute to preserving the planet.

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