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5 Most Popular Types Of Dog Treats

Treats are something special in your dog’s life as they signify they’ve been a good boy/girl. And, of course, they taste amazing and make them feel happy and warm in their tummy. So, whether you use treats as a method to reward good behavior or you simply like to spoil your pooch, it’s important to choose the right ones.

Also, keep in mind that healthy treats are only an addition to an already healthy diet and should not make up more than 10% of a dog’s food intake per day. Moving forward, we’ll talk about the 5 most popular types of dog treats and how they can help Fido grow bigger and healthier.

#1: Dental Chews & Bone-like Treats

As the name suggests, dental chews are designed to help your pooch’s dental health. These treats are made from corn starch combined with other digestible materials and require a certain degree of chewing before they can be consumed. These treats work well with young dogs, who are just growing teeth and need something to chew, but mature dogs enjoy them as well. Just make sure they don’t gulp down the treat – it may cause intestinal blockages if not properly chewed.

Also, bone-like treats are made from a similar material and are equally chewable (just shape differently). They are designed to keep Fido busy happily chewing while you enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.

#2: CBD Dog Treats

CBD is a compound found in hemp that helps both humans and dogs deal with anxiety, joint pains, and other health issues. While scientists are still deliberating on this one, dog owners use various CBD dog treats to keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy.

CBD treats made with natural ingredients can help keep a pup calm while traveling, but they’re also effective on older dogs as it helps with their mobility.

#3: Dog Biscuits

These are hard and crunchy treats, in different shapes and sizes, available in a large range of flavors. Since various brands make them, it’s important to select one that’s known for high-quality products.

Dogs tend to love these (they are crunchy with a soft core) so avoid leaving them around. Your pooch may break into your storage bin if you don’t pay attention!

#4: Soft Treats

Super delicious and easy to gulp down, these are the ideal treats during training. Their soft texture and amazing taste help even young dogs focus on the task that brings them more treats.

Still, make sure to check the label as soft treats can have quite a high caloric intake. If you find them to be too caloric for Fido, it’s best to combine them with crunchy treats, so they won’t eat these too fast and ask for more.

#5: Jerky Treats

Incredibly flavorful, these treats are made from meats, liver, seafood, poultry, or other ingredients similar to human food. However, keep in mind that they are designed for dogs, so usual seasoning and side dishes don’t apply.

Even more, you can make your own jerky treats using a food dehydrator, but it’s best to follow a recipe recommended by a specialist (like a vet). Otherwise, you may be feeding your dog more calories than you think and this leads to obesity.

Key Takeaways

Dogs love treats and would do almost anything to get them. As a result, treats are amazing in training, especially when you’re trying to improve their behavior. However, if your pooch continues in its antics, it’s a good idea to talk to a vet or a trainer. Sometimes, a dog’s bad behavior is communicating a bigger issue, which is why owners need to observe them closely and take appropriate action.

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