Understanding Your Pet: The Most Common Bad Habits for Dogs

Dogs can be some of the most loyal and lovable companions a person can have. However, when it comes to raising one of your own, you could find that it’s easy for them to develop problematic habits along the way. These behaviors disrupt our day, or even lead to the destruction of some of our most beloved objects. As such, it’s vital that you know what these tendencies are so that you can work to prevent them in your pet. These are the most common bad habits for dogs and how to mitigate them.

Destructive Chewing

Every dog gets their mouth on something they’re not supposed to have. But it’s another thing entirely for them to chew it to pieces. Excessive chewers can potentially destroy anything they have access to; whether it be a toy or the leg of a chair. Because of this, it’s important that you discourage this early on in their development by providing them with plenty of other things to keep them occupied.

Excessive Barking

Dogs also tend to get into the habit of barking at some of the smallest triggers. It could be a person walking in front of the house or a strange noise you can’t even hear, yet, they’ll bark at it with just as much persistence. This quickly becomes irritating for you, and your neighbors are liable to file noise complaints because of it. Fortunately, you can lessen your dog’s barking with the right set of strategies at your disposal.

Pulling On the Leash

Leash pulling is one of the oldest dog behavior problems in the book. Not only does it prevent you from enjoying your walk, it also keeps your pet from getting as much activity as they need out of it. Walking problems can often discourage you from wanting to take your dog out at all—putting all fun on halt. The most important thing here is to stay consistent with your leash training. The more you stick with it, the more likely you are to break these pulling tendencies.

Digging in the Yard

Another one of the most common bad habits for dogs is digging holes out in your yard. Many dogs have the core instinct to dig, as they’re bred to maneuver through tunnels and catch prey. However, to you, this action is simply destructive. So, finding new ways for them to release some of their energy will be essential to keeping them out of your flowerbeds.

Jumping On Guests

A lot of dogs like to jump on you or your guests. While many of us think of this as an indicator of their excitement, it can be harmful should your larger pet knock someone over. Since dogs do this to get attention from you, it’s important that you only give them the affection they crave after they’ve calmed down. This way, you’re discouraging the behavior rather than facilitating it.

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Written by Logan Voss

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