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5 Ways Twitter Can Help Scale Your Business

Are you new to Twitter and looking for different ways to make use of it for your business? Do you want to know what you could be doing on Twitter to help scale up your business?

Social media has completely disrupted the marketing realm and has transferred power over to the business owners. Traditional marketing is known for being expensive and tedious, but social media takes all of the stress away.

Twitter is a massive social media platform with roughly 330 million active monthly users and counting. This makes it one of the best places for businesses to find their audience and marketing to them in a much easier and more efficient manner, especially when using a service like Twesocial to buy real Twitter followers. At first, Twitter may seem overwhelming, but it is far better than using a marketing agency or spending a lot of money that you don’t actually have. Here are a few reasons why you should use Twitter as a business

A solid profile

The very first thing that you have to do when starting up your Twitter account is set up your profile. If you already have an existing profile, you can very easily adjust it and change it to your liking, if you have not done this right in the very beginning.

When it comes to your Twitter account for your business, your profile is something that needs to look attractive yet professional to draw in your target audience and gain their attention. However, if you don’t have an extensive Twitter fan base, you can always use practical tools to grow your profile and buy Twitter followers in any number you wish or need.

Setting up your profile is very simple, however, not completing everything on the profile is a big mistake. Starting off with the username, you want something related to your business name, but it also needs to be simple, short, and sweet. Having an easy-to-remember username means that more people will spend time looking for your account.

Other things that are a must-have in your Twitter profile, are a good-looking profile photo that resembles and portrays your business, as well as a matching banner. Moving on to the bio, which might be the most important part, as a business, it is crucial to fill out all of the options, from saying a bit about your business to including links to your location and website, and even contact details.


Something that you should not be passing up on, is hashtags. As a business, this is by far one of the easiest ways to reach your niche and target audience, especially if you don’t currently have a large following and are looking to grow your account.

Hashtags help you to extend the reach of your content to your target audience incredibly easily, but only if you are using them correctly. If you are using hashtags that aren’t related to your content, you won’t be able to reach your target audience. Always choose something related to what is in the specific post.

Photos, Gifs, and videos

Although Twitter is primarily known as a microblogging-style platform where you post tweets with a limited character limit, it is so much more than that. Twitter used to be a platform where you could only post tweets containing words, but they quickly caught on and knew that this would never hold up.

From there came the introduction of visuals. One of the best ways to scale up your content on Twitter is by making use of visuals such as images, videos, and even Gifs. Research has proven that more people are likely to stop and look at a post with visuals attached and would rather scroll over a simple worded tweet. This is because visuals are eye-catching and easy to see. This is a great way to generate interest.

Interact with others

When it comes to growing your business on Twitter or even just growing your account, something to consider is the amount of engagement you are giving out. Receiving engagement is one of the best judging factors as to how well your account is doing. If you are lacking in engagement, one of the best ways to get the ball rolling, is by engaging too.

On Twitter you can engage by following others, liking and sharing other users’ content, commenting on posts you find interesting, and even direct messaging to get your name out there. This is especially good for smaller companies that are looking to gain more recognition.

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