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Workplace Learning After The Pandemic: Why L&D Programs Need To Remain Online

Before the spread of the novel Coronavirus became a major concern, a lot of businesses heavily relied on in-person training methods to help employees learn new skills. This traditional approach required the instructor and the employees to be present in the same place at the same time.

But just like remote work, learning also became remote for employees across the globe during the pandemic. This allowed them to keep upskilling and enhance their knowledge despite the challenges being posed by the pandemic.

Online delivery of training courses showed a lot of benefits and ensured employees are able to perform optimally even outside the workplace culture. But what happens when employees get vaccinated and have to rejoin offices?

We recommend keeping learning a digital learning experience for employees even after the pandemic because of the following reasons:

1. Saves employee time:

Attending the traditional classroom training sessions takes up a lot of employee time which leads to them compromising on work. When compared to in-person training, eLearning takes almost 60% less time which is a huge saving.

Employees don’t need to travel to a particular location or wait for their instructor to show up. Moreover, they can skip topics that they want and spend extra time on ones that they want extra clarity on. This reduces learning time drastically and allows employees to focus more on their daily tasks.

2. Reduces training costs:

Classroom training sessions involve a lot of expenses like venue charges, instructor travel & stay, printing training material, and many more. Even if the training is being hosted in the office premises, the company has to pay for the costs related to the training room.

When you continue offering online learning solutions instead, all an employee needs is a smartphone or a computer with a steady internet connection. Your business saves a lot of money by sticking to eLearning and not going back to the traditional training methods.

3. Flexible and easily accessible:

With online learning courses, employees have the freedom to learn whenever they want. This increases the chances of employees engaging with the training content and course completion.

Online training content is easily available at just a click of a button to employees due to its centralized storage. This enhances the entire learning experience and ensures learning becomes an integral part of employee growth.

3. Scalable:

The most important reason why L&D programs need to remain online even after the pandemic is because they are easily scalable. It is very challenging to accommodate an increasing number of employees in a classroom training session. But that is not the case with online learning platforms as they allow you to easily train a large number of employees.

Platforms like Trainual that allow easy delivery and management of online courses are easily scalable and grow as your company grows. You can have a look at the Trainual reviews to see how organizations across the world have benefitted from its easy scalability features.

4. Measure employee performance:

There is no efficient way to track and measure an employee’s performance after they have attended a classroom training program. With online training tools, you can see every little detail of an employee’s progress like where they are in their course journey and how much they have scored in the training assessment.

This makes it easy to understand training effectiveness and take the necessary steps to enhance it. Additionally, online training tools reveal areas of improvement in an employee’s performance which allows managers to offer extra support to the employee for the concepts they are struggling with.


Online learning courses are easy to update which allows businesses to keep up with the ever-evolving trends in the industry. This is why businesses should continue with the online delivery of L&D programs long after the pandemic has ended.

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