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Ticket to success – Spotify promotion!

If you are a young independent musician, starting the journey to success on Spotify – stop for a second and read this text. Probably, you don’t know what to do, and your approach is rather straightforward – upload all the music you can, as often as you can, and wait for the successful result. I am not saying that this approach is faulty or won’t work, no. All I’m trying to say i that it is too obsolete. The time has passed. Maybe five years ago you could’ve succeeded on Spotify with only frequent uploads, but no you need much more than that. The user has become more selective, and just by filling all the space with your track you won’t get his attention. Even more – you can repel a potential follower.

Your approach must be clever, and all I can suggest is Spotify promotion. Allow me to explain. Since the habits of users have changed and the music fan figure also changed, there must be the way to push your music closer to his field of view. You have to show them your music, so they could click on it. And the best way is to do it sneaky. But you are not a ninja, you’re a music creator. How to do it sneakily? That’s where Spotify promotion shines. The promotion helps to attract the core amount of followers, plays, overall traffic, that will be a critical mass, that will start the never-ending process of your growth.

How? Easy. I can’t tell you. Well, I’ll give a hint – these promotion services have special channels of promotion, that allow to attract new real and organic people to your song or Spotify account. All these methods are secret, so no luck here. Also, it means that you can’t do it by hand, without paying. If you want a good result – you have to contribute.

Now, to the sneaky part. When the first core audience is gathered, the true action will start. You need to let Spotify algorithms notice your growth, and take measures. The system will do all it can to make your music popular. It will show it in top-charts, playlists, user suggestions, personal mixes, etc. So people will see it, and listen to it naturally. And the best part is – the Spotify won’t intervene your promotion. It is as interested in your success as you are. The more people listen to your tracks – the more they use Spotify, which means the growth of the service.

Also, you will earn not only new traffic after the promotion, but the royalties. The royalties you get can even cover the cost of promotion right after the first paycheck. I am not even talking about being noticed by music producers, because their scouts are lurking through Spotify, searching for new talents. And who knows, maybe you are just what they are looking for. So why stay in shadows when you can be in the light?

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