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Top 5 Marking Solutions that Uses For Medical Instruments

In the field of Medical, thousands of different instruments are used by doctors and other staff for various purposes. But when it comes to using the right instrument for the right application, identification becomes difficult. This is why there is a requirement for precise Medical Instrument Marking.

There are many Industrial Engraving and Marking Systems available in the market that fulfills this need. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a marking on surgical equipment, trays, molds, syringes, stents, tubing, dental products, orthopedic products, implants, and various other medical devices. You will easily find Medical Instrument Marking Solutions as per your needs b

For your ease here are the top 5 marking solutions that can be used for medical instruments.

HS-FL10 10W Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

The HS-fL10 desktop 10W fiber laser marking and engraving system is fitted with a Galvo scanner that is specifically designed for superior and faster-marking performance. It is a perfect fit for marking areas of 110 mm X 110 mm. It can be used for marking a wide range of materials and that too to the required depth with higher speed.

Moreover, the generator supply is stable and continuous. This means you are going to get uninterrupted and highly accurate markings for your medical equipment.

The good thing about this marking machine is, you can mark numbers, time, date, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, graphics, logos, special symbols, and so on. You can use it to mark metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, coated metal, rubber, plastic such as ABS, PVC, PP, PE, etc. You can also use it on electroplating materials, epoxy resin, electroplating materials.

Apart from this, it is easy to operate and use. It does not demand maintenance on a regular basis, unlike other machines. It is equipped with an air cooling system and consumes low power. It supports 24 hours of continuous work and carries a work-life of 100,000 hours.

So if you are looking to create beautiful, clear, and permanent marks on the products, this is the one you can go with.

HS-FL20 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

This laser engraving machine is equipped with an advanced technology scan head. It allows engraving at a much higher speed using the top-quality beam. The superior 20W output allows this digital marker to work for larger optional areas of 175mm X 175mm.

The good thing about this machine is, it is not used for precise marking on large parts. You can also use it to mark on medium and small size metal parts and that too with precision.

You can easily mark all characters and English letters using this machine. Not only this you can also go with all numbers, dates, times, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, graphics, logos, special symbols, labels., etc. You can use this machine to mark stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, titanium, silver, coated metal, epoxy resin, electroplating materials, rubber, ceramics, and various types of plastics.

Moreover, it comes with a stand-alone design that lets you plug and play. It does not need maintenance like other typical marking machines. It supports a continuous 24 working hours and carries a work-life of 100,000 hours. This is one of the perfect solutions for clear and permanent marks and that too using low power.

Picosecond laser marking machine:

Are you looking for a marking with no reflection. The picosecond laser marker is the one that you can go with. This unique fiber laser technology has gained a lot of renown in the medical world. It is one of the best Industrial Marking Solutions that has proven its worth.

The main advantage of going with this technology is, you are not going to get reflection no matter what the angle of the light. It is three times faster than the traditional fiber laser when it comes to production. The ultra-short pulse duration allows this laser to mark material where traditional nanosecond lasers fail. It also eliminates heat transmission on components thus making it suitable for even larger applications and a wide range of materials.

Laser GearBOQX:

It is a class 1 benchtop laser marking system that carries both simplicity and power. It provides you complete control over your marking programs. It comes with Minilase Pro SE laser software. You can easily connect this via USB to your laptop or computer

It comes with some of the key features that enhance its usability and operator ergonomics. You can use its front sliding vertical door and power focal height adjustment for easy front loading and part setup. It is one of the entry-level investments. Moreover, the 20W MOPA fiber laser is the reason behind the strength and speed that it delivers.


It is one of the best marking machines that is specifically designed for marking small cylindrical components and that too via 360-degree rotation. The advantage of using this machine is, its system offers visibility for easy and precise centering. It takes into account the mechanical construction of the piece that is to be marked.

The good thing about this system is, it can also use a rotation axis that has a very high resolution. This means you are going to get extreme precision in marking and engraving. You can also set up the rotation axis through the inspection door or switch out the grippers.


The medical industry is rising at a rapid pace and so does the equipment used for various medical purposes. But this growth also demands precision, especially with medical instruments and other Industrial Material Handling Equipment that carry their own significant importance on an individual level. You can’t replace an instrument with another especially when the life of a person is at risk. This is why marking and engraving of medical instruments are carried out with high precision. But for precision, you are in need of precise industrial marking solutions. Some of these are presented here.

HeatSign is one of the professional dot peen and laser marking machine companies. With over 10 years of experience in the industry and international certifications, it offers you cost-effective and quality marking solutions.

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