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How to Store a Mattress?

A box of mattresses is a great way to store a mattress. The main reason that people do not store their mattresses this way is that it takes up valuable space and costs money. The solution to this problem is storing the mattress in a plastic or cardboard box with the tags removed. The mattress will be protected from spills and dust and can be easily accessed when you need it. People have found that using a mattress bed in box instead of a closet, has made their lives much easier. In addition, there is no need to purchase an extra bed for guests who may sleep on the mattress.

Non-slip mat

If you plan to store your mattress in a container, then you need to use a non-slip mat. Plastic mats are fine as long as they are non-skid. Some people like to use newspapers to store their mattresses in, but plastic and cardboard are generally better. If you roll up the mattress, it is less likely to move than if you store it flat.

Dark Plastic Bins

When choosing a storage container, it is best to avoid clear plastic totes. They are too large and full of dust, which can make the mattress smell even worse. Instead, look for dark plastic bins that keep the mattress well ventilated. This keeps smells at bay.


When you store a mattress in a container, do not wrap the mattress in the paper. Newspapers can get moldy and are bad for the skin. If you must wrap it, use plastic sheeting instead. If possible, store the mattress flat. Avoid placing it on uneven or hilly surfaces as this can cause sagging and mold growth.

Plastic Sheet

You may decide to use plastic sheets to store your mattress in a container. Place it over a plastic sheet that has been rolled up and sealed. Plastic sheets are very easy to remove and replace. If the plastic sheet is rolled up tightly, it will keep the mattress from moving around.

Cardboard Box

Using a cardboard box is a great way to store a mattress. These boxes are sturdy and can withstand the weight. You can store the mattress on top of the cardboard box, which can be easily found in any mattress store. Remove the cover of the box after each time you store the mattress. The cover will prevent mildew and other growths from occurring.

Sharp Object

When storing a mattress in a box, be careful of any sharp objects that may break off inside the box. Before placing the box on top of the mattress, pull the mattress toward you. The mattress will sit straight in the box. Remove the box when the mattress is completely stored.

Someone Experienced

Storing a mattress is simple if you follow the correct procedures. If you are unsure of how to do it, call in someone who is more experienced. This will allow you to find out how things should be done. Once you learn how to do it properly, you will never have to ask yourself how to store a mattress again. Now that you know how to store a mattress, you can take care of the investment that you made and provide a wonderful sleep to your family. It will mean better health for you and your family.

Box or Mattress Stand

You can store a mattress in two ways, in a box or on a mattress stand. In a box, you should use plastic or cardboard boxes of varying sizes. This will ensure that the mattress is safe while it is being transported. If the mattress is going to be stored for an extended period of time, make sure that the box is large enough to hold the entire mattress.

Tupperware Boxes

Some people use Tupperware boxes for this purpose. Label the box clearly so that you know what type of material the box is made of. Then, put the mattress in the box and wrap the lid of the box with tissue paper. Use the lid to protect the mattress from dust and from dampness. The mattress can be placed on the box with the bottom of the mattress facing down.

Dry Environment

Mattresses should always be stored in a dry, climate-controlled environment. Moisture can cause many problems in a mattress, including softening and cracking. Store your mattress in a cool, dry area. Avoid storing your mattress in areas with direct sunlight, as this can cause the mattress to fade and develop mildew. Store your mattress out of extreme temperatures (such as a hot car) and extreme humidity, such as excessive showering or boiling water.


When you store a mattress, you will also want to make sure that you remove any loose material from the mattress. If you leave any stains on the mattress, you will want to remove them before you store them. Stains, even ones that are not permanent, can make the mattress look old before its time. Removing any stains from the mattress will help it look new.


Storing a mattress in a container is quite simple. It all depends on what you are going to store. A mattress is not very heavy and therefore you can store it in a wide variety of containers. You can either use boxes, plastic bags, or tissue papers. If you plan on storing the mattress for an extended period of time, make sure that you place it in a sturdy box or container. If you are storing the mattress for a long distance, make sure that the box is large enough to accommodate the entire mattress.

There are many other tips for how not to store a mattress, but these are the main ones that will help. The most important thing when storing a mattress is that it is stored in the right location. This means that you will want to store it away from windows, in a cool, dry area. If you are storing a mattress in a sunny area or a hot area, this will damage the mattress and will cause it to spring back into action before it is completely compressed. Follow these simple storage tips for how not to store a mattress and you will be able to find the best mattress for your needs.

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