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Amazing Coffee Tips That You Can Try Out Today

Do you know that 19 million Australians drink at least one cup of coffee a day? And 23% of those people start their morning with this beverage. This shows how much Australians love coffee. Also, if you are one of those coffee aficionados, you will unquestionably love these coffee tips that are simply mind-blowing.

Coffee tips to make an amazing cup of coffee

If the morning brew is not delicious, it can spoil our whole day. Consuming a coffee that doesn’t provide the kick that we are looking for is worse than drinking no coffee in the morning. Therefore, here we are sharing a few tips to ensure that your morning cup of coffee is perfect.

1. Warm your Nespresso machine first

Before you put your Nespresso pod in the machine for a quick cup of joe, let it run with plain water for a few minutes. It will make sure that all the dirt and residue from the previous pod drains out. This step will ensure that your coffee doesn’t taste bitter or muddy.

2. Store your coffee properly

If you are storing your coffee carefully, external agents like heat or moisture, or oxygen will not change the taste of your coffee. Even storing your Nespresso pods correctly is essential. Just because they are packed tightly in an aluminum pod doesn’t mean you should not place them in a canister. Find a drawer near your coffee counter or a standing pods holder which is in a cool area. It will protect your coffee pod against all elements. For your instant or whole beans coffee, using a mason jar or vacuum-sealed jar will do the trick.

3. Use the same spoon for measurement

After grinding your whole beans, you will use a spoon to measure the coffee to brew your morning espresso. If the next day you use another spoon, the measurement will change. It means that you will not have a consistent taste. It is one reason why you feel your coffee taste different every day.

If you like drinking pods coffee but do not have a machine. This tip can help you. Open the pods covering and use the same spoon you use to measure your coffee every day. Put it in a mug and pour hot water into it. Your pods coffee is ready.

4. Try using full-fat milk

Unless you are vegan or lactose intolerant, try to use full-fat milk in your coffee. Whether it is espresso or latte, full-fat milk cuts back the bitterness of coffee and gives you a pleasant taste. Though avoid using cream in your coffee, it has tons of sugar which are not good for your health. Also, the high-fat content in it suppresses the other flavors of coffee.

5. Reheating milk is a big no-no

Often, we have to put our coffee mug down because we are running around kids or completing our morning chores. The cold coffee doesn’t interest us, and we put it in the microwave to reheat it. Though it warms coffee, the taste changes to bitter, and you can even feel a bit of odor.

The same goes for reheating the milk that you will be putting in your coffee. If you do not steam fresh milk for your morning cup, your coffee will not be enjoyable.

6. Make sure you are using the right water

Yes, the quality of water you use in your coffee makes a ton of difference. When you use unfiltered water or tap water, it doesn’t get with the coffee beans, and the taste is coarse. Thus, ensure that you always use filtered water for your coffee. It will enhance the flavor and brew up an aromatic coffee.

Another point to keep in mind is to use only cold water for brewing coffee. The machine will boil the water itself; you do not need to add hot water. The right boiling temperature for coffee is between 195-to-205-degree Celsius. A temperature below or above it will not make a perfect cup of coffee.

7. Choose the right brewing method

Every coffee brewing method is different. The brewing method you choose will impact the coffee’s strength. So, if you like mild-flavored coffee, drip-coffee makers will work well for you. For a coffee that is quick, strong, makes one cup, use a single-serve machine.

8. Make sure you only buy 100% Arabica coffee

Make sure that you read the description before purchasing the pods or whole beans. It will ensure that you buy only 100% Arabica coffee which has a superior taste. It has an aromatic taste with a bit of sweetness perfect for all types of coffee. When you go for Robusta beans, you can taste a burned flavor, which is not pleasant.

9. Stir your cappuccino

Whether buying cappuccino at home or buying it from, stir the coffee immediately. It is because the foam at the top is coffee’s crema merged with milk. It tastes bitter, and we end up emptying packets of sugar into our coffee. It will ruin the pretty artwork of the barista (if you get the coffee from a café), but at least your coffee will taste exceptional.

10. Warm your cup

When you drain water from your Nespresso cup, make sure to drain the water in your coffee mug. It will warm the mug. Now, when you pour your coffee in it, the flavor will enhance to give you a delicious cup of joe.

Coffee hacks

Here are few coffee hacks to blow your mind:

  • Set a tray of coffee ice-cubes overnight. The next day put the cubes in a glass and pour cold milk in it to enjoy the best iced coffee.
  • You can make cold-brew coffee using Frenchpress. You do not need a cold-brew maker for it.
  • Freeze milk with sugar and coffee overnight. Then pour pods coffee in it. The taste will blow your mind.

With these amazing tips, you can always brew a perfect cup of coffee. Do you have some other coffee tips or hacks? Then share them in the comments below.

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