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Check Out The Best Essay Writing Apps

Academic writing can be categorized into three key parts, which are order, logic, and well-thought organization. Tools and applications described in this article can help students stay organized and focused on their studies. These apps are useful to write a college essay, a press release, or a blog. Lots of people, be it a college student or a professional scholarship essay writer, take advantage of writing software to complete their projects faster and with ease. We’re sure, you can benefit from such tools, as well. Below are the apps that can come a long way towards helping you to write the most common types of essays, book reviews, lab reports, research papers, and other coursework assignments. It is time to boost your productivity.

Pro Writing Aid

It is a cloud-based copy/editing app, which is very popular among students, as well as professional bloggers, copywriters, writers, and so on. The core aim of this app is to find issues in your text and spoilt alert. You have access to free and paid versions. It can run on an operating system. The app will help you improve readability and writing.


You will not find a better app than Grammarly. It is one of the best writing applications to boost the quality of your text. You will solve issues misspellings, grammatical, punctuation errors, plagiarism, and other writing issues. You will get access to an automatic proofreader, which will detect stylistic, spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes. Grammarly app is widely useful by students, bloggers, and writers. You can use as desktop software for both Mac and Windows, or as Chrome plugin.


It is a modern app for creating structured diagrams. It will help you track your writing projects, keep an eye on subtasks and time recording. Students can use the app to compose a creative essay, which involves a lot of brainstorming. It is very convenient to use colours, which indicate an essay you work on, or the ones which have been completed or not started yet. There is also the size of nodes to show you the size of your written text.


The main marketing strategy of Simplenote is to give access to a light, clean, and free of charge app, which can be useful for students and writers. We all know that any great project starts with a tiny idea. The app will help you get all your thoughts and ideas to be jotted down. You will back up all the notes. You will have no problems finding back your old notes thanks to the search function. It is the best app for taking notes. You will like it a stylish and minimalist design. Let Simplenote do the text formatting and stylizing using Markdown, which is a syntax to stylize text.

Libre Office Writer

Students who are looking for a powerful writing app should use Libre Office Writer. It makes the process of creating, reviewing, revising much faster and easier. Using this app, you will make your essay look clean, correctly written, and well-structured. Many experts use the app to compose various reports, master thesis, technical drawing, presentations, etc. Try it to see how efficient it is! You can use the application for free. Professional writers and students refer to this app when they have to accomplish a writing assignment.


This app will help you make an eye-catching layout. After downloading the app you will get access to advanced features for creating an essay’s layout, reports, magazines, posters, newsletters, and other types of documents. You will find unique features for editing objects with layers of a document, colours, node editing tools, etc.

Focus Writer

Discover another free word processing program for students and writers. It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You will find it efficient for composing text and saving it as text in RTF format. You will have access to document statistics. You should not miss this app if you are serious about academic writing. You will appreciate its interface, themes, tabs, live statistics, and features for spell checking.


The app has been downloaded more than 3 million times in Google Play. It is the Editors’ choice. You can use it as your diary application for keeping writing notes. Diaro comes with a comfortable keyboard, modern layout, handy sidebars, and tags for denoting emotions in your written notes. Besides, it can be synchronized with Dropbox.


Take your time to explore these apps for students and writers. All of them offer a more pleasant and distraction-free experience when it comes to accomplishing complicated writing assignments. In case, we have missed other efficient applications, let us know in the comment section.


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