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How to Properly Pack Furniture in a Move?

If you are preparing a move and are worried that the furniture will reach its new destination without any bumps or scratches, remember that prevention is better than cure! So, take good note because in our article today we will teach you to pack your furniture safely and effectively with the experts from “Eagle State To State Moving” so that you do not suffer any damage during the transfer. You can visit their link here for more details and tips for moving home or furniture.

Before Starting

You should have a clear idea of ​​how much furniture you need to transport, its size and which of them are delicate or rustic. Knowing the characteristics of each piece of furniture is essential to knowing how to pack them, as well as selecting the right packing materials.

Empty the furniture making sure that there are no objects left inside them and clean them thoroughly to remove the remains of dust and dirt that will have accumulated over time.

Finally, you must disassemble any furniture that is assembled. Store the screws or small parts of the assembly in transparent plastic bags and glue them with a piece of heat to the furniture itself so that you know they belong to it. Then securely pack the parts of the furniture already disassembled and place them inside the boxes, much safer and stronger than conventional cardboard boxes. In this way, your most valuable furniture will be protected against any blow that could occur during its transfer or handling.

Selecting the Right Materials

Make sure you have the right packing materials on hand and have enough quantity since large furniture usually requires enough material to be well protected.

  • Screwdrivers, pliers and, tweezers: You will need them to disassemble your furniture and remove small parts.
  • Bubble or foam paper: Available in all packs. Use it to wrap your furniture with it and protect against bumps and scratches.
  • Packaging tape and scissors: Essential to adjust the packaging materials to your size.
  • Corner: Very useful to protect the corners of appliances or delicate furniture. They can be made of cardboard or foam.
  • In addition, it is always useful to have newspapers, blankets or old sheets that can serve to cover the furniture a little better or fill in empty spaces.

The Type of Packaging you need

The time has come to pack our furniture! To do it correctly we must take into account its characteristics and dimensions as well as the path or distance that our move will imply.

Wooden Furniture

You will need a lot of bubble wrap to wrap wooden furniture well. Protect your furniture with cardboard corners by fixing them with the packing tape. The drawers must also be fixed with adhesive tape to prevent them from slipping and breaking.

Remember that if they are removable furniture (bookcases, tables, wardrobes) it is best to always disassemble them so that they occupy the smallest possible space inside the van. Loose pieces should be stored, as we told you, in transparent plastic bags and always close to the corresponding furniture to be easily located later.

Sofas and Armchairs

Wrap them in plastic film to prevent them from getting dirty, scratching or retaining moisture. If they have legs, wheels or cushions you must remove them previously and store them in plastic bags.

Large Appliances

Appliances must be cleaned at least 24 hours before moving. Remove all removable parts they may have (shelves, drawers, burners, etc.). Also, wrap the knobs or small parts with adhesive tape to make sure they won’t get lost along the way.

Above all, remember that it is very important to move heavy appliances and furniture carefully, with the necessary help.


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