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Lighting Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Thanksgiving and the Yuletide season are just a couple of weeks away. It’s the exciting season of gift-giving again! Are you now thinking about what gifts to give to your loved ones? Perhaps you can think of a million awesome presents to wrap for your siblings and relatives. But for your parents, it’s a totally different story. What can you possibly give that they don’t have already or can’t get for themselves, right? The trick here is to avoid overthinking and consider giving them presents that are useful. Lighting decor, for example, is worth considering.

Perks of Giving Lighting Decors

Yes, lighting decor is an unusual gift item, which makes it a good one to give. Usefulness aside, these can be used as extra supplies at home in case the existing one your parents’ use need immediate replacement. Besides, these would come in handy during family gatherings when your parents might feel the need to replace the lights to create a different ambiance. Most importantly, a change in lighting fixtures might be what your parents need to get better sleep.

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Considerations When Giving Lighting Fixtures to Parents

With the wealth of options today, shopping for lighting fixtures can be a little tricky. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying items just for their design. So to keep you guided in your shopping, take a look at the following factors first before you buy anything:

  1. Use – Opt for items your parents can install in different areas of the house.
  2. Quality – Consider the durability of the item, as well as its ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts.
  3. Energy-efficiency – Lighting fixtures are essential, but you need not spend a lot on electricity to power them up. New techs today are fitted with power-saving features (e.g., auto-on or off, brightness control) that will help you save a couple of dollars on your electricity bill.
  4. Space-efficiency – Consider how the additional decors will affect the home’s interior arrangement. Especially if your parents already have some form of mobility challenges, opt for items that won’t block the aisles, stairs, and walkways.

Looking at these factors before you shop allows you to filter your options in terms of the product specification. Most importantly, you can choose which items would suit your parents’ needs and preferences.

A List of Lighting Decors Your Parents Would Love


Are you now ready to shop? Here’s a shortlist of items you might like to buy based on the four factors mentioned previously.

  1. Pendant Lights – This lighting fixture gives a soft, diffused light, which is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or the home office. Pendant lights could also be used in the bedroom.
  2. String Lights – String lights are good options for seasonal decorations. These are usually hung on trees and shrubs in the garden, but could also be installed inside the house.
  3. Track Lighting – Track lights are perfect for hallways, as well as the kitchen and living area. These are space-efficient ambient or accent lighting options. Track lights are also perfect if you have a visual art studio at home.
  4. Table or Desk Lamp – A desk lamp is perfect for the bedside table or for the home office work table. Choose an item that’s highly flexible and adjustable to suit different reading positions, be it sitting or lying down on the bed.
  5. Wall Sconces – The decorative and space-efficient design of wall sconces make it a perfect gift item. As a lighting fixture, its light is directed upward, which is eye-friendly, especially for elderly people. And as a decorative item, you won’t have to worry about it being a distraction on walkways and hallways.
  6. Soffit Lighting – Soffit lights can be installed beneath the roofline or in the gables. This option can give a soft, diffused light, which can aid relaxation and sleep when installed in the living room or bedroom.

Shopping and wrapping gifts for your loved ones can be an enjoyable activity, especially if you know that they’re going to be happy with your gifts. With the tips and gift items listed above, you’ll be able to shop wisely, especially in terms of the quality and usability of the products. The next best thing to do now is to browse online brochures to choose the apt design and size to buy.


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