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Sergey Tokarev from Roosh about the Training Platform for ML, AI, and Data Science Experts

When diving into the IT sphere, it is crucial to obtain a good education and join specialized communities. This helps graduates improve their skills, be current with the latest trends, and evolve their IT careers by networking with other experts. The Ukrainian IT entrepreneur and founder of the Roosh technology company, Sergey Tokarev, commented on the launch of the recent new IT community AI HOUSE CLUB.

AI HOUSE CLUB is an online platform for training Ukrainian AI specialists. It was launched on September 27, 2022, by the technology company Roosh. The project aims at teaching leading specialists in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ​​and Machine Learning (ML) industries. According to the founder of the Roosh technology company Sergey Tokarev, the platform hosts cohort-based courses, sessions with workshops, and discussion clubs. This is a good incentive for specialists to receive fresh viewpoints and approaches on how to succeed in IT.

Sergey Tokarev adds that the training in AI HOUSE CLUB is carried out in mini-groups. This is very convenient as same-level students can simultaneously complete a comprehensive training program. Apart from theoretical studies, participants undertake case studies and create their own projects both individually and in teams.

The educational platform incorporates industry leaders as teachers. Among them are Dmytro Voitekh (Lead ML Engineer at Proxet/GIPHY), Roman Kyslyi (PhD in Computer Science, Former Data Lead at Deloitte), Volodymyr Sydorskyi (Deep Learning Engineer at Respeecher, Kaggle Competition Master), Viktor Didkovskyi (Senior ML Engineer at

The online training platform allows students to take the following courses:

  • MLOps. Deep dive into modern ML productionalization
  • Product School for ML experts: from 0 to 1
  • Fake News Detection
  • Natural Language Processing: Trends & Solutions

“The key task of Roosh is to develop the product IT and AI spheres in Ukraine, in particular with the help of education. Creating the new AI HOUSE CLUB platform is aiming at, first of all, providing relevant approaches to education. We’ve combined the practical experience of teachers, constant online facilitation, and support within the community. Such an approach to education will allow specialists to significantly accelerate their professional development,” says Tokarev.

Bogdan Ponomar, CEO of AI HOUSE CLUB, adds that the courses are developed for professionals who want to refresh or improve their knowledge. To enter the program, applicants must describe their past AI experience and explain their incentive to join the AI HOUSE CLUB when applying for it.

“This important step will allow us to create such a cohort of students that will allow the participants to provide each other with even more benefit than any teacher could do,” adds Ponomar.

In addition, Sergey Tokarev notices that besides training, the platform hosts various events for Ai/ ML experts in exchange for donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, it carries out free Research Paper Clubs to dive into the research environment.

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