New Resident Evil Movie is the Most Closely Linked to Video Game Source Material

It is said that you can find inspiration in the most unlikely places. An idea can pop up while in the shower, or a traffic jam can spark an exciting new concept. In some cases, inspiration is found through more obvious places. The Marvel Universe is one of the most successful franchises of all time, but where would they be without the ideas of Stan Lee?

Game of Thrones became an international sensation for the duration of its 8-season run, but we would never have known about the weird and wonderful world of Westeros and beyond without G.R.R Martinā€™s A Song of Ice and Fire books. In fact, many argue that the show went downhill the moment it moved past its source material. In the same vein, many video games are either based on existing resources or are the inspiration for said resources. 

When the first Resident Evil game debuted in 1998, it was a commercial and critical success. Gamers all over the world rejoiced and it spawned an ongoing and lucrative film franchise, comic books, novels, and even online casino games.

The Resident Evil movie franchise was big news when it first hit our screens, but interest has waned significantly as movie execs continue to roll out sequels, each one in worse shape than the last. But die-hard fans continue to sing the film seriesā€™ praises, particularly thanks to long-time heroine Milla Jovovich. The movies are based on the popular Resident Evil video games, which is proof that this franchise is one of the best in the world. In fact, numerous iterations of the video game have been created over the years, with the movie series and online slot being two of the most exciting.

It made sense that the video game would be turned into a casino game. Theyā€™re both accessible online, draw a dedicated and demanding audience, and take place in new and exciting worlds outside of what we know. Online slots have always been the stars of the show at the best online casinos, and, in 2021, the games just keep getting better, as do the bonus offers that encourage players to try out the new titles. Additionally, joining forces with some of the most well-loved and exciting video game titles only bumps up its popularity. Not to mention, software developers went above and beyond to make a slot game as authentic to its source material as possible. 

If you can handle the game and movies, then youā€™d likely be quite happy spinning the reels playing the slot game. The threatening and moody vibe is certainly present, as are all the main characters, weapons, and more. Add to this an atmospheric soundtrack and plenty of bonus features and you get a slot game worth its title. Also, with the latest Resident Evil movie expected in December, it wouldnā€™t hurt to get into the spirit of things. 

Welcome to Raccoon City

That said, the movies were only loosely based on the games, with only a few key characters and the basic premise really connecting it to the video game. However, the trailer for its upcoming reboot, Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City, which Sony recently dropped, looks incredibly promising and more closely linked to its source material to boot. The new movie is set in Raccoon City, a once-thriving town that has become a breeding ground for evil. This harkens back to the first Resident Evil game, which was set in the same fictional Midwestern town of Raccoon City. The game unleashed all kinds of zombies and mutant monsters on the poor townspeople, a result of bizarre experiments conducted by the Umbrella Corporation. 

In the movie adaptation, the Umbrella Corporation has turned Raccoon City into an eery wasteland and it’s up to a group of survivors to come together to make it out alive and save the city. New director Johannes Roberts is on board, and while he was a fan of the previous iterations, he wanted to bring a different tone to this new film. As such, he stayed as close to the Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 games as possible. He even employed some of the same angles from the first game. The games were scary and had a lot of atmosphere, and that’s what Roberts aimed to recreate in his new movie. And by the looks of the trailer, he has certainly succeeded. No doubt the release of Raccoon City will bring some nostalgia to long-time gamers while introducing a new generation to the incredible world of Resident Evil as it was meant to be.

Starring a brand-new set of stars, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, is set to infect cinemas come December.

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