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How To Wake Up & Exercise Early [7 Foolproof Tips!]

Afternoons are for relaxing. Mornings are for training! These seven tips will help you wake up early and squeeze in a workout before work.

There are lots of reasons why exercising in the morning is best.

For one thing, there are a lot more health benefits of morning exercise than, say, waiting until the end of the day.

And let’s be honest:

You’re more likely to have a bit of pep in your step after you awaken than after a day of work. The latter is when you’re more likely to want to kick back, have dinner, and relax.

The odds of hitting the gym in the evening when you’d rather prepare for the next day are slim to none.

Okay, so now you know you want to wake up early and exercise in the morning. But you may be wondering, how?

Even if you’re a morning person, you may still need a little extra motivation to get a morning exercise routine underway.

But don’t worry, we have you covered.

Check out these seven tips to wake up and exercise early.

1. Lay Your Gear Out the Night Before

If you wake up with your exercise clothes and workout equipment are already laid out, you’ll remember what you woke up early for.

Waking up to the fold-out elliptical machine in the middle of your living space when it’s usually shoved in a closet is the elephant in the room.

It’s big, it’s docile, it’s practically staring at you, and you cannot ignore it.

You’ll realize it’s much better to do the workout and get it out of the way rather than stop and put your gear away, unused. It’s a simple way to remind yourself to exercise and preempt any excuses you can muster, especially if you’re still a little groggy from sleep.

No more blaming morning brain fog for skipping exercise!

2. Plan a Workout You Enjoy

It’s easier to get out of bed when you have something to look forward to.

Make that thing your morning workout!

To do so, plan on doing your favorite exercise right after you rise and shine.

Some of the most enjoyable morning exercises include:

  • Yoga. It just feels great to stretch first thing in the morning.
  • A jog around the neighborhood. The guy next door who stares at passersby from his lawn chair every evening isn’t out this early.
  • Squats. Literally a pain in the butt but an excellent way to get your body into calorie-burning mode.

These are just a couple of exercises that are both enjoyable and especially beneficial in the morning.

Do you have a routine you loathe but find necessary?

Save that for after.

Go to bed knowing you’ll start the day with your fun routine, and it will make getting up and moving much more likely.

3. Go to Bed Early if Necessary

No matter your age, you probably don’t relish going to bed early. But a lack of sleep sets you up for a day of sluggishness.

It zaps your energy and makes it challenging to exert yourself mentally and physically. And at that point, undertaking your morning exercise routine won’t sound so hot.

If you sleep well enough at night, waking up early to exercise won’t seem like such a hassle.

4. Wake Up to Inspiring Music

Everyone has favorite songs that make them feel alive and ready to take on anything that comes their way.

It will be easier to get up early and exercise if your alarm song has this effect on you. It’ll motivate you to get moving and do so with a smile on your face and a literal song in your ear.

But if peppy music isn’t your thing and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry.

These songs are the ideal wake-up soundtrack, according to scientific research. You may not love any of these songs, but if it gets you out of bed and on your feet, mission accomplished.

5. Flip Your Mental Switch

It takes a whole lot of determination to begin and maintain an early morning workout regimen.

But you can do it, especially if you figure out how to psych yourself up for the challenge. Luckily, we have an idea of how you can do just that!

Do you know that feeling when you firmly set your mind to something?

It’s like a mental switch has flipped, and a light bulb behind your eyes is now illuminated. And with that feeling, nothing can stop you from taking on your next challenge.

Flip your mental switch that changes your thought process from “but waking up early is such a drag” to “I can’t wait to get up early and break a sweat doing my new routine!”

A simple change of thought to set your sights on an exercise goal may be all you need to get out of bed and exercise early.

6. Start in Increments

You don’t have to wake up hours earlier than usual on day one of your new early morning exercise regimen.

In fact, you likely shouldn’t do that.

Instead, start by waking up earlier by 15-minute increments during the first week. This strategy will help your mind and body adjust to your new wake-up time.

Before long, you may even wake up before your alarm sounds (okay, we hope this isn’t actually the case!)

7. No Excuses

Excuses stop you from achieving goals that are challenging.

But by following the tips above, you really shouldn’t have any excuses not to wake up early and exercise.

If you’re the type who makes excuses to get out of annoying obligations, then this is the perfect chance to put an end to that mindset.

You’re really only hurting yourself in the end anyway.


Waking up to exercise early is not something most of us are born doing.

We strive to make it a habit and then commit to keeping it a habit.

Odds are, you’ll like how you feel after your morning workout, and it will become easier to do as you progress. And if you get your exercises out of the way early enough, you have more time to relax later.

Remember: workouts are for mornings, and vegging out is for the evenings!

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