How You can be More Sustainable With Packaging Solutions

How You can be More Sustainable With Packaging Solutions

With sustainability at the forefront of businesses and consumers minds, more and more people are looking for ways to lead a sustainable life. However, when it comes to packaging and transporting products, it can be hard to find sustainable solutions for your needs.

Often, when people think of packaging, they automatically assume waste will be produced. However, there are sustainable and reusable packaging solutions that can help to reduce the amount of wasted packaging and get you one step closer to a greener business and greener life!

If you’re a business looking to gain a competitive advantage to local business and become recognised as a business who strives to use sustainable packaging solutions, PottertonPacs can help. We have a wide range of reusable packaging solutions for all kinds of businesses in a variety of different industries that can help you to take on a more sustainable approach to your business.

Re-Using Instead of Buying New

The main advantage of our packaging solutions is that they are made from high-quality materials. How does this make them sustainable? Well, they can be reused time and time again for all kinds of packaging and transporting needs without diminishing in quality.

When we create our packaging products, we don’t compromise on quality. This means you can use our cases and bags for all kinds of business trips, events or daily business use, without having to throw anything away or replace it.

If you purchase one of our packaging, presentation or storage options, you won’t have to keep buying from new as the quality will withstand general wear and tear much longer than cheaper, lower quality alternatives. It costs a lot of energy to keep creating from new, so by reusing, you’re actually doing your part to conserve energy.

Protective Soft Cases

If you find yourself using basic, plastic carrier bags a lot in your business to transport products from A to B, we have a much better and more sustainable option for you. Our Protective Soft Cases are a fantastic option for businesses looking to transport products to events such as industry events or corporate events, or even just performing daily sales trips.

These bags can be used in a wide range of industries so everyone can take part in the sustainability movement. These industries include:

  • Home improvement industry
  • Motor industry
  • Medical industry
  • Fashion industry
  • Instrumentation industry
  • Travel industry

Made from high quality, stitched materials and featuring padded interiors to offer your products with the protection they need, this is a fantastic and sustainable packaging solution for businesses.

Plastic Cases

We know that the word “plastic” may be ringing some alarm bells, but hear us out. Often, companies use cheap, fragile and disposable plastic cases. This means lots of wasted plastic is thrown out, slowly making its way to landfill sites. These kinds of plastic products are referred to as “single-use plastics”. The key is in the name: they are created to serve one purpose and have one use in their lifetime before being mindlessly thrown away.

However, with PottertonPacs, we create high-quality plastic cases with the purpose of being reused time and time again by businesses to reduce their overall waste plastics. They can also be used for all kinds of business needs, making them one of the most versatile packaging solutions you could opt for.

Better yet, you can get these cases fully customised with your business branding, colours and logo. You wouldn’t want to throw your plastic case away after you’ve had it customised after all! We also use low-energy techniques to apply your business branding such as silkscreen printing, performed in-house by our expert team.

Achieve a More Sustainable Future

Are you looking for more reusable and sustainable packaging solutions for your business, or even just for personal use? If so, get in touch with PottertonPacs today. We can discuss our wide range of packaging products with you to find you the best packaging solution to get you on the road to sustainability.

As a leading packaging supply company, it is our mission to ensure companies can find high quality, sustainable and reusable packaging products that also serve all their business needs.

We are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of protective presentation cases & foam packaging.  We specialise in transit, store & display solutions for your sample products or equipment. From foam engineering and CNC routing to water jet cutting and die-cut custom made foam pads.

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