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The Best Plants For Outdoor Pots | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Outdoor Pots. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

CARNIVAL MIX NEMESIA Strumosa Flower Seeds

This product was recommended by C.J. Richard from Fairy Garden DIY

I absolutely love Nemesia as they are SO colorful and cheerful, and yet not as common as Petunia or Verbena, people always ask me what they are – it’s nice to have something unique! They are easy to grow. They do fine in the sun OR in part-shade, and they fill out the entire pot in just a few weeks.

Twitter Tree – Clusia rosea – House Plant

This product was recommended by Franco Moiso from TheSundayGrill

The copey plant has many names: Clusia rosea, the autograph tree, cupey, balsam apple, to pitch-apple. It is a tropical plant that is very tough and doesn´t need too much care. We planted it in our backyard as we wanted to create some privacy during our BBQs. In just 6 months it has doubled its size without much maintenance. Just a little water from time to time if it doesn´t rain.

Orange Jazz Blazing Star Vase Plant

This product was recommended by Rachel Scott from National TASC LLC

Bromeliads are good plants to be grown on pots. They don’t have complex soil, water, and light requirements so they can be easily grown in pots. They also have long-lasting flowers so they will give a breath of fresh air in the room. They also thrive well in high humidity so any room is a good place for them to grow. They don’t require much effort in caring for them and they easily thrive as long as watered regularly.

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree

This product was recommended by Jane Windham from Cottage At The Crossroads

A majesty palm tree is a fabulous plant for an outdoor garden pot, these actually work really well indoors also. Majesty palms are slow growing trees so they won’t quickly outgrow the pot you plant them in. A 3-4 foot tall majesty palm will run you less than$50 for a 3-4 feet tall plant– a plant this tall instantly adds to your outdoor entertaining space. Majesty palms prefer warm conditions and low lighting so they are perfect for a back covered patio during summer, with the option to bring them inside (and they’ll survive) during the winter!

Outsidepride Coleus Rainbow Indoor or Outdoor Foliage House Plant

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

Because Coleus is a low-maintenance plant that can handle the cold, and heat and take whatever amount of rainfall, regardless of how much or little it receives, in its stride, is an incredible natural pollinator which helps to maintain bee populations and provides a much-needed explosion of color for any yard space. All in all, it’s just about the most perfect outdoor potted plant you’ll ever stumble across.

Sweet Potato Vine Outdoor Plant

This product was recommended by Adrian Carter from BeastlyEnergy

Sweet Potato Vine looks can give your law a country-side vibe. You can put it in a hanging pot and let it crawl onto your roofs, or you can just leave it in a pot with a stick on so that it could have the freedom to crawl a little. When its stems get longer, you can freely cut some and put them as a decoration in any event. Moreover, it doesn’t need much care. They can adapt to low and high lights and don’t need to be watered frequently. Moist soil will be enough to keep them healthy.

Mixed Hosta Perennials Great Hardy Shade Plants

This product was recommended by Shane Paarman from Awesome Stuff 365

The best plants for outdoor pots are largely going to depend on your location, and what the outdoor conditions are like in your home. However, as a general rule, you want a plant that is a little sturdier, and that thrives under direct sunlight. My personal recommendation: Hosta. For example, you can get this pack of Hosta roots, and plant them in an outdoor pot. They’re easy to grow and maintain, do well outside, and they’re perennial!

Nasturtium Glorious Gleam Seeds

This product was recommended by Marjorie Beausoleil from Ethos Seed Company

Both Tom Thumb and Glorious Glow Nasturtium are easy plants to start from seed directly outdoors in a pot. They are dwarf varieties that do well in containers and stay small without any pruning or effort from the gardener’s part. Nasturtium are also drought tolerant and can grow in part shade. They produce edible leaves, flowers and immature seeds for a great addition to any patio or container garden.

Fushimi Pepper Seeds

This product was recommended by Marjorie Beausoleil from Ethos Seed Company

Fushimi pepper is a shishito type of pepper that can produce a whopping 60 peppers per plant! The sweet, thin fleshed peppers are delicious and the plants grow well in containers, unlike larger bell peppers. The plants are beautiful and ornamental and make a great choice for those who want to combine utility and beauty.

Marigold Petite Mix Seeds

This product was recommended by Marjorie Beausoleil from Ethos Seed Company

Marigold are an old favorite in the garden but they grow exceptionally well in containers are well. An added bonus: the strong scent of Marigold is repulsive to pests such as flies and mosquitoes! Petite Mix and Red Gem Marigold are two heirloom varieties of Marigold especially suited for container gardening as they keep under 12 inches tall. All Marigolds are drought resistant and will keep producing bloom until Fall.

Perennial Farm Marketplace Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny) Groundcover

This product was recommended by Tory Jon from Pond Academy

Creeping Jenny, also known as Money Wort, is a beautiful perennial that makes an excellent outdoor container plant. It’s incredibly easy to grow and will add a splash of color to any outdoor space. The best part about Creeping Jenny is its versatility. It looks great in hanging pots as its long foliage will hang over the edge, it can be used to soften the hard edges of container gardens as it carpets the ground, and it can even be used in pots to line backyard ponds.

3D Rose Persian Shield Plant

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan

Plants with vibrantly colored flowers look amazing against slightly glossy purple foliage. Part shade is best for the color of the foliage. You can leave the Persian shield’s light blue blossoms, which appear in the late summer or early fall, or pinch them off. If the soil becomes too dry, leaves will start to fall. As a houseplant, the Persian shield does well with indoor overwintering.

Angelonia Pelleted Seeds

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan

Summer-blooming angelonia’s upright spikes could be a focal point in a small container. But it also makes a good supporting player in a more large combo. It gains from a weekly application of fertilizer that is water-soluble. Remove dead flower stems to encourage new blooms as well.

Perfect Plants Confederate Jasmine Live Plant

This product was recommended by Jennifer Curtis from She Cooks She Eats

This is one of the most beautiful plants I’ve ever taken care of. The flowers are beautiful and fragrant; in the evening breeze you’ll smell its relaxing fragrance as you relax and unwind with a cup of tea. It’s hardy, easy to maintain, and it loves sunlight. It’s easy to shape around fences or stakes, and hardy enough not to snap. This is a great plant if you’re looking for your first one!


This product was recommended by Chris Coleman from RV Talk

Among outdoor plants, Hibiscus is one of the most colorful plants you can grow in a pot. Known for its large beautiful flowers, this perennial houseplant can live for many years. It loves sunlight so placing it outdoors will really make it happy. It flowers during summer so you are sure to enjoy many of its blooms during summertime. It is also very easy to care of as long as you water and prune it regularly.

Caladium Bulbs Country Creek Acres Brand

This product was recommended by Alexa Justine Callada from Stayyy

Caladium Bulbs are great for those who want to plant something that looks like the traditional bulb-shaped flowers but don’t have the patience for waiting months for it to grow. They are easy to grow and can be planted in containers, outdoor pots or in the ground. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them a perfect choice for any garden. It can be grown in a variety of soil types, but prefers well-drained, loamy soils.

Begonia Flowers Pellet Seeds

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Outdoor pots give your home or office an extra bit of curb appeal. But what if you don’t have a green thumb? Begonias are beautiful flowering plants that come in a variety of colours and bloom throughout the summer. Growing Begonia is fun and relatively easy, even for beginners. Begonias are tropical perennials, which means they will grow and bloom year after year with the right care. They are native to South America, Africa and Asia. The Begonia genus contains over 1,000 species, but only a handful are commonly grown as houseplants or outdoors in pots. Begonia can add shades to your garden with its multiple colours like, white, pink, red, orange and yellow. So if you are looking for plants for your outdoor pots that will give you a lot of colour options to choose from, Begonia is the way to go!

Bay Laurel Seeds

This product was recommended by Simon Benn from Gentlemen4Hire

This plant is benign suggested as this plant has a hardiness rating of H4-5 depending on where it’s grown – it will be less hardy in a container than it would be in the ground, and will fare slightly better in sheltered positions.When cultivating a bay tree in a container, it likes a soil-based compost with grit for drainage.You only need to water moderately, and you can fertilise fortnightly between May and September.

TROPICA – French Lavender Seeds

This product was recommended by Simon Benn from Gentlemen4Hire

This has been suggested as the mind-blowing spectrum of pinks and purples it brings, the unmistakable and enchanting scent, and the fact that bees can’t resist it. All these factors combine to make lavender a rewarding and beautiful addition to any garden.

Geranium (Plant/bareroot Perennial) Blue

This product was recommended by Ronald Williams from BestPeopleFinder

Geranium is a great choice among outdoor pot plants as it always provides a lot of beauty in decoration. Their blended colors attract me more than anything. One interesting fact about Geranium is that it has been lighting up porches all its life with its colorful flowers. It is a simple and beautiful plant, very grateful and easy to grow. You don’t need to be a gardening expert to get abundant flowering throughout the year with varieties of various colors: pink, red and white. The great thing about Geraniums is that they only need a little sun and abundant watering in the summer. Otherwise, you hardly need to worry about Geraniums in winter. They are colorful flowers that can be found in different colors and blends and adapt well to the atmosphere. Geranium flowers are excellent to use in the diffuser. I always put some Geranium flowers in the diffuser and it gives me a sensational feeling with a great aroma.

WEAUSUP 21 Bundles Outdoor Faux Plants

This product was recommended by Gisera Matanda from WeLoans

These fantastic flowers are handcrafted to create a unique look on your outdoor garden or balcony. They are made from high-quality UV-resistant faux plastic, making the flowers sturdy and durable. The colors make the flowers a multi-functional decoration and will perfectly elevate your front porch, patio, or walkway.

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