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The Best Plants For Bedroom | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For the Bedroom. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

American Plant Exchange Spathiphyllum Flower Bunch Peace Lily

This product was recommended by Kevin Huang from Ambient Home

The Peace Lily beautifies any space with its crisp and clean white flowers that rise regally above broad, dark green leaves. It’s suitable for the bedroom because it gives a sense of tranquility and serenity, and it symbolizes peace, hope, and healing. This tropical perennial is hardy and easy to care for. It thrives in indirect sunlight, so it will do well on your bedroom’s window sill or a nearby table. And it cares for you as well because it purifies the air.

Costa Farms Spathiphyllum Peace Lily

This product was recommended by Jennifer Curtis from She Cooks She Eats

This is the best plant for me in my bedroom as it helps in circulating the air. It is also easy to maintain as it only needs some sunlight and minimal watering. It can also filter out benzene, formaldehyde, and other air pollutants so it makes your environment a lot safer for you. The plant doesn’t come with a bloom immediately, but blooms should appear in a month.

Jmbamboo English Ivy Hedera Helix

This product was recommended by Lukee Li from Neutypechic

One of the best bedroom plants is English ivy since it can efficiently remove a variety of airborne contaminants. It effectively eliminates airborne mold particles, which is essential for maintaining good health. Mold exposure has been linked to wheezing, skin problems, and irritation of the nose, eyes, throat, and skin. Ivy is a fantastic natural mold deterrent that you can keep in your bedroom. It will help keep you from inhaling dangerous mold spores as you sleep.

American Plant Exchange Monstera Adansonii Plant

This product was recommended by Erinn Witz from Seedsandspades

I have one of these in my own bedroom! I think it’s a fun, jungle-like look without on a smaller scale than many of the other Monstera cousins. Mine is trailing across the top of my dresser, but you could also train it up a moss pole.

Marble Queen Pothos from California Tropicals

This product was recommended by Erinn Witz from Seedsandspades

Marble Queen pothos has beautiful white-and-green variegation, and the balance of the colors is about half and half. I think this makes for a lovely colorplay that’s still relaxed enough for a bedroom. Also, the Marble Queen is a pretty easy-going plant, so it’s going to be ok even if you forget about it for a while!

CQURE 24 Pack 168Ft Artificial Ivy Garland

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

The stems and sturdy, clear ivy leaves are made of plastic, and the flexible, easily bent or chopped down leaves can withstand all types of weather. Ivy garland hanging requires no particular maintenance. Weddings, festivals, house decorations, gardens, fences, floral tributes, and sheds can all be adorned with artificial ivy garlands. Perfect plant décor item for bedroom.

Forever Leaf Faux Plants Indoor

This product was recommended by Sara Graves from USTitleLoans

Beautiful, naturally-looking faux plant with a white pot and lush green leaves. Made from high-quality eco-friendly plastic, this indoor decorative plant is painted in realistic green to look natural. Due to high-quality material, the plant décor retains its prime condition for years without losing its appearance or color. Its green realistic look will elevate your bedroom’s appearance and add colors to interior decoration. Enjoy the vibrant color and everlasting beauty of faux plants while doing your work or having a coffee in the morning. The lush green color combined with the natural appearance of this artificial plant will lift your mood and imbue your humble abode.

Costa Farms Home Decor Boston Fern

This product was recommended by Michael Simons from Tres Amigos

Bedrooms are sanctuaries within the home. Depending on the homeowner, they must either give off calmness or inspire energy. I found, however, that sellers can find buyers easier when their bedrooms give off calm or soothing energy as this makes the bedroom a true space for rest and sleep. Therefore, the indoor plant I recommend best for bedrooms is the Boston Fern. With its gently drooping fronds, it has a grounding presence that’s perfect for toning down the energy in the bedroom while making it a fine decorative piece. It also comes with several varieties that provide homeowners with choices on whether to use a pot or a plant hanger. The Boston Fern also survives with low light and purifies the air in the bedroom to provide an allergy-free sleep.

American Plant Exchange Store English Ivy

This product was recommended by Aaron Pinson from Poly & Bark

English ivy, Hedera helix, can be aggressive as an outdoor plant, sending clinging tendrils over structures and tree trunks. In a bedroom, however, you can use ivy’s spreading abilities to create a living work of art by training the vines across a small trellis, hoop, or topiary form. The trailing vines of English ivy thrive in all light conditions and look lovely in hanging baskets or draped over a side table. Plants thrive with little watering and can withstand a week-long vacation without a hitch.

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree

This product was recommended by Richard Clews from Pants and Socks

Majesty Palms look amazing and they are super easy to grow if you give them the right amount of sunlight and water. They are slow growing, becoming larger over time with good care, and if you have a sunny spot in your bedroom, they will do very well. They help clean the air by removing benzene and carbon monoxide. It also gives a really neat tropical look and reminds me of the beach!

Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Live Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Johannes Larsson from Financer

Instead of splurging hundreds of bucks on buying an air purifier, Keeping a ZZ plant in your bedroom will serve you the same. As per research from NASA, the ZZ plant is a natural air purifier that separates toxic chemicals like Xylene, and Benzene from the air. Apart from being an air cleaner, a ZZ plant never grows into a full-grown tree which is why it is highly preferred in the interiors of the house i.e. Bedrooms. Plus, if you’re a busy person with no time to cater for your plants, a ZZ plant will be your best bet since the plant can survive rough conditions as well and doesn’t require regular maintenance. Plants like ZZ provide a natural stress-relief therapy through their lush green leaves. Plus, if you love the smell of wet soil then having a ZZ plant in your bedroom should be on top of your list!

Plants for Pets Live Snake Plant with Decorative White Pot

This product was recommended by Deepak Tailor from Latest Free Stuff

There is no better plant to have in your bedroom than a snake plant. These funky plants not only look great, but they also help to filter the air which creates clean, good smelling air to breathe in. They are also very effective at clearing the air to help with allergies which is essential for helping you to get a good night’s sleep. Snake plants are also very easy to take care of, and are one of the more low-maintenance type plants that require indirect sunlight, and only need to be watered once the soil goes dry. This is the type of plant you want in a bedroom, as these areas tend to not get a lot of sunlight.

Brussel’s Bonsai Live Golden Gate Ficus

This product was recommended by Billy Parker from Gift Delivery

The Brussels Bonsai indoor plant is perfect for the bedroom is healthyand around 8 to 10 inches long. It resembles to that of a fully grown treewhich generates a soothing and happy feeling while you are watching at thiscute little plant cum tree. It can easily be placed on the counter, table, hangedon the wall or around the window pane.

Waterbourn Golden Flourite Chinese Evergreen Plant

This product was recommended by Tyler Sellers from Total Shape

They thrive under minimal maintenance. Some indirect sunlight and moist water would work. They can be watered after drying out and can also handle overwatering. The best advantage is they keep your room fresh – free of toxins like benzene and provide more oxygen.

Premier Plant Lavender Blooming Plant

This product was recommended by Sarah Jameson from Green Building Elements

Lavender foliage and blooms are good for aromatherapy as they emit a faint fragrance that is mostly used as essential oils that a lot of people invest in to help them relax or to improve their overall mood.

Burpee Black Coral Snake Ceramic Pot

This product was recommended by Sharon Dylan from Management Help

Snake plants are known to have tremendous benefits to the environment and to the people residing near them. For one, these plants are good at filtering indoor air by removing toxic pollutants, as well as reducing harmful UV rays. It can produce Oxygen as a by-product even at night, so you have more oxygen and better quality of air to breathe. They are also very easy to care for as they need minimal watering and sunlight, and even artificial light will help in their survival. Hence, this is the perfect plant for your bedroom!.

Costa Farms Dragon Tree Live Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Shane Paarman from Awesome Stuff 365

Dragon Trees are great indoor plants, as they are easy to maintain and keep alive, and they are also great for purifying the air. I think they look great in a bedroom, as they easily fit in a corner, and can add a touch of green. They are also particularly good at alleviating asthma symptoms, which is why I have one close to the bed!

California Tropicals Bonnie Curly Spider Plant

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

It looks good and adds a little exotic color to any bedroom, doesn’t take up too much space, only needs moderate light, and doesn’t need to be watered every day. It’s a low-maintenance plant that’ll strip all of the pollutants out of your bedroom air and help to keep you and your lungs strong and healthy.

Costa Farms Money Tree

This product was recommended by Cornelius Fichtner from PM-Exam-Simulator

The money tree is popular in Feng Shui. It grows well in low-light conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it being in your bedroom. It doesn’t need too much water, looks beautiful, and produces oxygen, handy when you’re sleeping with closed doors and windows. In folklore and Feng Shui, the Money Tree is a source of luck, money, happiness, etc.

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Confederate Jasmine Plant

This product was recommended by Lorraine Daisy Resuello from Connection Copilot

I highly recommend jasmine for bedrooms. I have three small pots of jasmine close to our master bedroom window. This plant loves the sun. It’s so nice to wake up early in the morning to see those beautiful and sweet-smelling jasmine flowers radiating with the sun’s rays. The white fragrant jasmine flowers can make your bedroom relaxing. It is thought to increase oxygen levels inside a room, which can help reduce stress.

Costa Farms Cat Cataractarum Indoor Palm Tree

This product was recommended by Amber Rogers from My Chicken Guide

This palm gives a really beachy tropical feel to my bedroom and contrasts so nicely with my bedroom decor of wood and white linen. These palms are very easy to care for, require minimal water and are natural air purifiers which is an added bonus for my health and wellbeing.

Costa Farms Aglaonema Red Chinese Evergreen Live Indoor Plant

This product was recommended by Tonia Kendrick from Indoor Gardening HQ

If you’re looking for a plant that will thrive in your bedroom, Chinese evergreen is a great option. This plant is known for its ability to filter out harmful toxins from the air, making it a perfect choice for purifying your indoor space. Chinese evergreen is also very easy to care for, so you won’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering it. Plus, its beautiful leaves add a touch of nature to any room.

Robusta Black Birdsnest Snake Plant

This product was recommended by Ellie Walters from FindPeopleFaster

This ridiculously low-maintenance plant, also known as mother-in- law’s tongue plant, is a perfect choice for the bedroom because it is one of the few indoor plants that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night and is listed among NASA’s top 10 air-purifying plants (something most houseplants only do during the day). It filters air during the day and night. It does not need regular watering and can grow if the room has bright indirect light. It is difficult to kill this hardy house plant. Gift it to your friends and family who love having plants in their rooms.

Greenwood Nursery Lavender Plant

This product was recommended by Adam Olson from Home Service Direct

There isn’t more perfect plant for your small personal space than lavender. With its fragrant scent that can promote calmness and induce deeper sleep, your bedside table is an ideal place for a pot or vase of lavender. But that’s not all! Lavender is also an air purifier and can improve the air quality in your bedroom. Moreover, this low-maintenance plant has pretty purple flowers that can help reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your overall mental wellbeing.

Marde Ross 30 Large, Plump Lily of The Valley Plant

This product was recommended by Stella Cooper from PaydayLoansUK

Make your room look beautiful with these 30 large plump lilies. This fresh lily flower from Holland is budded bare-root plants. Plum is known for its pleasant smell and basic to many famous perfumes. This beautiful plum lily barefoot plant is perfect for living room, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, lobby, and outdoor purposes. It will naturalize with shade protection and blooms in may each year. This special plant is made by ross, and the company specializes in flowering bulbs and peonies.

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