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Experts Tell Us the Best Kingdom Hearts Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Kingdom Hearts Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Kingdom Hearts – All In One Package

This product was recommended by Jacob Tegtman from Eternity TTRPG

I purchased the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package about a year ago. Talk about nostalgia, as these were some of my favorite childhood games. During last year’s holiday season I replayed the original Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts 2. What’s better than to celebrate the holidays with great RPGs?. The package also comes with every game in the Kingdom Hearts series, which is an incredible value.

Kingdom Hearts 2

This product was recommended by Robert Banks from MrStocks

This is at the top of my list. Other fans also think the same. Everything the first game got right. This game did even better. Kingdom Hearts 2 also corrected some of Kingdom Hearts weaknesses as well. The combats became incredible fluid and had a larger emphasis on aerial fighting. I love the triangle reaction commands which made battles far more cinematic and unique. These commands also allowed easier use of special abilities including team-up moves with all the various allies in the game. It’s a totally fun and engaging game and also, I love the characters.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

This product was recommended by Sofie Parker from Inboard Skate

Is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix. The narrative was very strong and emotional for a non-numbered game, and it elicited a wide range of feelings, including joy, sorrow, and a sense of powerlessness. The gameplay is much superior than any previous game in the series and flows flawlessly. I just. This game is amazing and deserves to be ranked first.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

This product was recommended by Sofie Parker from Inboard Skate

Dream Drop Distance has some of the greatest fighting, narrative, and villains. The emphasis on Xehanort is fantastic. The only problem I had with this game was the Drop System, which was more of a hassle than anything else and truly scraped the surface of a potentially perfect game. This game comes in second place behind Birth By Sleep in my opinion.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

This product was recommended by Sofie Parker from Inboard Skate

A fantastic game! As anticipated, it features a fantastic narrative and pretty decent gaming mechanics. It also introduces a new concept of utilizing cards and needing to build a deck based on your plan for boss fights and whatnot. It combines action and strategy, as well as fantastic music. I really recommend this game to anybody who has a GBA.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

This product was recommended by Sally Stevens from FastPeopleSearch

Melody of memories is all about the beat, and the three core characters smashing their way through a field of nobodies, heartless and unverseds. While one doesn’t have to think about the running, you have to take care of the strike. The only way to win the game is to time your strikes with the shrinking halos above the enemy when they appear. This makes for quite an intriguing set of events. As a fan of the general kingdom hearts franchise, I feel like Melody of Memory presents a different way to enjoy Kingdom hearts. While Kingdom Hearts has become somewhat of a meme in recent times due to lacking storylines, the franchise to remedy this by creating a simple, not too complex storyline for Melody of Memories. The inclusion of multiplayer options and intriguing and new battle scenes makes this more interesting.

Kingdom Hearts 3D

This product was recommended by Javen Yap from Good Noise

For me, Kingdom Hearts 3D is the winner for creativity based on its approach to all new battle mechanics and designs for each world. If you want to rank these games without taking into consideration their story or graphics, then I would recommend KH3D over KH3 for this reason. However if you want to rank these games after considering how well the storytelling in each game was executed with all things in mind imaginable (graphics, gameplay, environments), then KH3 has outdone itself in terms of storytelling. The movies are not long-winded anymore but instead give viewers a cohesive presentation about an epic struggle between light and darkness.

Kingdom Hearts

This product was recommended by Cacik from Good Carpet Guide

I love this Kingdom hearts game. I am playing this game for more than 1 year. It is a very interesting and adventurous game. It has a Real-time battle system, which makes your gameplay more realistic. It has Disney characters from Aladdin, Tarzan, Hercules & Alice In Wonderland. It has high graphics and actual voices of Disney characters. You can buy this game on Amazon.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

This 2009 game is DS compatible. The game delivers you the missing Kingdom Hearts chapters. It lets players personalize characters and weaponry. It’s a four-player game that’s a blast to play

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