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Experts Tell Us the Best 7800 Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best 7800 Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Ms. Pac-Man

This product was recommended by Katherine Brown from Spyic

Ms Pac-Man is the name of the game and its main character. The yellow-colored small character with the red lipstick and a bow represents Ms Pac-man. At each stage, Ms Pac-man has to eat all the dots and power pills. The layout of the maze in which Ms Pac-Man moves changes with each stage. The movement can be controlled by the directional keys. Then there are 4 ghosts on each stage generated in the middle rectangle of each stage. These ghosts attack Ms Pac-Man either individually or in groups but whenever a power pill is taken by Ms Pac-Man she can eat the ghost and that ghost will then be retrieved to the rectangle it was generated in for some seconds.

Mario Bros.

This product was recommended by Katherine Brown from Spyic

A single-player arcade game in which the goal is to defeat all the enemies by either jumping on them or by hitting the floor below them. Enemies that are in red when hit either flip over or remain stunned for a period of time and then returned again with more speed as they were angrier now. Players can grab as many coins as they can and there are special tunnels as a bonus to collect more coins.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This product was recommended by Heather Welch from Ukulele Tabs

I’m not someone who enjoys games that take up too much of my time, as I do have a busy schedule. I do, however, enjoy playing a game or two now-and-then – and no, I’m not one of those moms who only play Mahjong and Solitaire on the computer. One of the best games I recently played is the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I’m usually not one for strategy games, but this game really had me hooked. The game combines characters from when I was younger (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach) with a newer franchise (Rabbids – which originated from Rayman), and brings you a hilarious game that is capable of being both challenging and rewarding at the same time.


This product was recommended by Jake Smith from Absolute Reg LTD

I have very fond memories of Galaga. It’s an arcade shooter where you control your own spaceship and shoot down aliens while avoiding getting shot down yourself. Enemies use various projectile attacks and fly into formations that you need to dodge. Once you defeat all the bad guys, the stage ends and you progress to the next level. I spent a lot of my childhood trying to beat my high scores, and it was a blast each time.


This product was recommended by Erica Tan from Best in Singapore

The best part of this game is the innovative “dual joystick” control scheme that allowed players to move and shoot in different directions. While this setup may not seem all that impressive in an era where dual analogue sticks are standard on every controller, it was a big deal in the early ’80s and made for a frantic gaming experience the likes of which had never been seen before.

Joust (1987)

This product was recommended by Demi Yilmaz from Colonist

Joust is an all-time favorite and is comparatively paced a lot faster than other games in this genre. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, the game reels you right in till you either emerge victoriously or give up in satisfied exhaustion. The gameplay consists of your avatar riding a flying ostrich and the goal is simply to out-skill your buzzard riding enemies and level up. Sounds pretty simple till you actually play it.

Dig Dug

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

Dig Dug is a fantastic 7800 game, consisting of 1-2 players, and you have to use a shovel to dig your road across the earth. Being the best 7800 game in the arcade category, two vicious monsters will stop you from digging, named Fyger and Pooka. It is the best and most agile game for gaming enthusiasts. Those monsters will keep you chasing throughout the game and the only weapon to knock them down is an air pump.


This product was recommended by Khunshan S Ahmad from InsideTechWorld

Choplifter is a military-themed shooting game in which you assume the role of a combat helicopter pilot. You have to attempt to save hostages being held in encampments in a territory ruled by the evil Bingeling Empire. The main goal is to transport hostages safely to a nearby US Postal Service building while fighting off attacks from enemy combatants and tanks. Choplifter’s entertaining gameplay and cinematic visual aesthetics ensure that the players enjoy each minute of their gaming experience. Furthermore, the game’s memorable sound effects enhance the element of excitement while you try to rescue the hostages. As far as Atari 7800 games go, Choplifter is definitely one of the best!

Pole Position II

This product was recommended by Khunshan S Ahmad from InsideTechWorld

As a gamer, there has always been a car racing game close to my heart all my life. Back in Atari days, that game was Pole Position II. The best of its kind, Pole Position II was the standard of Atari 7800 games in the 80s. It’s a Formula 1 racing game, and it was my go-to choice every day of the week as soon as I turned on my console. Every generation of gaming has seen one first choice car racing game; that game was Pole Position II in its era. If you have managed to get your hands on an Atari console again, this should be your preferred choice.


This product was recommended by Elizabeth Hicks from Parenting Nerd

Centipede is an amazing game which was released in 1981 and was at the peak of popularity when it was first introduced. It is a vertically oriented game designed by Edd Log and Dona Bailey. The player defends himself against centipedes, spiders, scorpios and completes a round after eliminating all the centipedes. A player loses life when it is hit by a centipede or any other enemy in the game. The difficulty of the game increases with every level. Majority of the people are hooked to this game and play it almost everyday. The element of colours in this game appeals to players the most, hence, this is the one of the best games so far.

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