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Experts Tell Us the Best 90s Arcade Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best 90s Arcade Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

My Arcade Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

This product was recommended by Nicolas Holand from GooseSmurfs

When it comes to arcade games no one would beat the classic Street Fighter II. It has been very popular during the 90’s and it was remastered up until today in every arcade game shop. Who would forget about the combos and techniques being applied for this game.

The Simpson Arcade game

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

This is a fantastic fun-loving arcade game, released in 1991. It allows four players as the family members, who need to fight with different enemies to rescue the kidnapped Maggie, another family member. This simple game story is full of action and fighting skills. It is a popular and must-try arcade game.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

Released in 1997, this is a classic and popular arcade game. It has a different game mode; gamers need to defeat many enemies on arcade mode to win the game. It also has a cinematic ending and great action sequences. It is still a favourite of many gamers.

Ultra Streetfighter II

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

Released in the year 1991, it is a world warrior game. The gamer needs to defeat all the 12 warriors to win the game. This arcade game is also a popular 90s game. It has some intense fight scenes and can be a good choice for action lovers.


This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

A 3D fighting game from Namco’s for PS. It’s just great fun, if you have little time to unplug and relax, it’s just the perfect game. Of course to master all the moves it’ll take a while, having said that, despite what your level is, it will not let you down.

Arcade1Up Arcade1Up NBA JAM Home Arcade Machine

This product was recommended by Jack Miller from How I Get Rid Of

If you’re a fan of the NBA 2K Series, this is similar, but with a lot more color. It’s definitely far from being realistic, but it does have a lot of color and imagination.

ARCADE1UP 7433 Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine

This product was recommended by Jack Miller from How I Get Rid Of

If you want a more PG-13 version of street fighter, this one’s the game title for you. Find out why this game ruffled a lot of feathers back in the 90s.

The Simpsons Game

This product was recommended by Emily Appelbaum from Family Destinations Guide

This arcade game was released during the show’s second season and this didn’t just ride the show’s popularity_. It was really engaging in its own right and became a mainstay in arcades throughout the decade._ It allows at least four players control the legendary family as they beat up enemies while attempting to save Maggie. Each one in the family aside from Homer has their own unique weapon. Thanks to its addictive gameplay and the co-op fun that came from playing as the hottest family on TV there really was no stopping the Simpsons back in the day. Even now, it has been upgraded to the latest versions and can be played in the comforts of our homes.

Mortal Kombat 2

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion

With all the hype regarding the latest movie of the franchise, my love for classic characters like Sonya Blade has only grown stronger! Mortal Kombat is after all, the ultimate fighting game, only rivalled by Street Fighter! Still, there is nothing like a proper classic oldie to enjoy the nostalgia of the 90s!

Arcade1Up – The Simpsons 30th Edition Arcade

This product was recommended by R. M. S. Thornton from R. M. S. Thornton Blog

I’d highly recommend this game. It’s a fun multiplayer game, which incorporates all elements of the early days of the show. But even if you’re not a Simpsons fan, it’s still fast, exciting and enjoyable.

Frogger Retro Handheld Arcade Game

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

Who did not spend hours playing Frogger as a kid? Relive your childhood memories playing this retro handheld version of the classic. This game has authentic graphics and sounds, a retro joystick, is portable, and works on battery power.

Arcade 1Up Arcade1Up Nba Jam Special Edition Arcade Machine

This product was recommended by Shaun Savage from Try Hard Guides

A great 90s arcade game is The Simpsons. You get to play as either Homer, Bart, Marge, and Lisa in a beat ’em up style of play. The characters are a lot of fun to play, because each of them has their own unique weapons. You could also combine attacks with some of the characters, which made playing with friends very exciting. This game would eat a lot of your quarters, because it was quite difficult to complete!

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