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Experts Tell Us the Best Drinking Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Drinking Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Ring of Fire Cards

This product was recommended by Alex Mastin from Home Grounds

As I spend every day drinking coffee I enjoy a drinking game to make evening drinks just that little bit more interesting. Ring of fire is a great game for groups and is the perfect balance between dumb luck and strategy. With plenty of opportunities for ice breakers and bonding and even seeking revenge by nominating a friend to drink more than their fair share, Ring of Fire guarantees you a night to remember, or forget the next morning.

BAD CHOICES – The Have You Ever? Party Game

This product was recommended by Will Hatton from The Broke Backpacker

This game is absolutely hilarious especially if you are one of those naughty ones, you can spend all night playing this one and not get bored.

Tipsy Chicken, Drinking Party Card

This product was recommended by Will Hatton from The Broke Backpacker

This game is for the daring ones, if you are willing to go the edge, this one is for you (be prepared to get drunk). A wild party game, perfect for a bachelorette night or your best friend’s 21st birthday.

Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Game

This product was recommended by Jessica Bush from Sommify

Whether you are new to wine or a wine professional, Sommify will teach you how to blind taste like a Sommelier. The game is pretty simple: Every player brings a bottle of wine from an approved list. When it’s your turn, you pour your mystery wine for the other players. Players then use the game materials to try and guess the mystery grape in their glass and earn points for correct guesses. The game is a lot of fun and makes for a great addition to any dinner party or game night.

GoPong 2oz Plastic Shot Cups

This product was recommended by Will Henry from Bike Smarts

It’s the lesser of two evils when you’re looking for disposable, cheap cups. At a little over 2oz., they should fit your six-packs too. GoPong2oz Plastic Shot Cups are all I use for drinking games, and my friends have also been addicted to them. Whether playing solo or with friends, we’ve found that it’s the perfect size for shots, so there’s never worry about chugging fast enough to get your fill or slamming back too many; pop another one open! These cups are durable – they can bounce off cement without cracking, which is pretty incredible when you remember how much these things cost.

Whatever – An Awkward & Embarrassing Party Game

This product was recommended by Bret Ludlow from Triangle Ink LLC

Whatever is an awkward and embarrassing adult party game. The box says ‘Let’s Get Weird’ and they mean it. It’s a great party game for small or large groups and you’re bound to make new memories each time you play. There are three types of cards in the game. Challenge cards mean you’re on your own attempting the card. Showdown cards means it’s you against one or more players head-to-head. If the card you pick up is too embarrassing to even attempt, you can draw a Penalty card instead and pay the price until your next turn.

Do or Drink – Party Card Game

This product was recommended by Lynda Fairly from Numlooker

Do or Drink – Party Card Game is a great drinking card game. It is fun to play and can be played by men or women. It has some funny quotes on a card, but it also has some swear words, so I would not recommend this for kids under 21. This game is for parties or date nights and can be played with 2-8 people. This is an excellent game for family gatherings, young kids, teens, college students & adults to get together and have fun playing. You can play this game at the beach, camping, or at house parties. Do Or Drink is a fun card game where you look at the card and read the do or drink, if you do what it says on the card, you keep it in front of you. If you don’t do what it says on the card, then you must drink what was stated on that same card.

4-Player All-in-One Portable Table Tennis Set

This product was recommended by Michelle Harris from N/A

The Portable All-in-One Table Tennis Set from Prospin Sports makes a perfect drinking game set. Play anytime, on any table! Complete with a retractable net (you can play anytime and anywhere), 4 high-performance table tennis paddles, 3 white balls and 3 orange balls. Includes a premium case for easy storage and travel. Super-fast one-click set up that won’t leave any marks, Retractable net up to 72 wide, Comes in a gift-ready box!

DUNZO – Party Version of Classic Card Game

This product was recommended by Jingel Gill from Imgkits Studio

The drinking glasses that come with the game are nice thick plastic and honestly really nice to look at. This game is really easy to learn and these cards are very sturdy and if you don’t spill any liquid by accident these cards are very sturdy .


This product was recommended by Jingel Gill from Imgkits Studio

This game is so much fun! It plays like monopoly and combines some of our favorite games from college.


This product was recommended by Jingel Gill from Imgkits Studio

The Party Ball can be played with up to 20 people and is sure to make you the center of attention. Everyone plays with a drink in hand. Just shake and read the dice out loud to get the party started!

White Mapol PingPong Balls

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

Beer pong is a classic and one of the simplest games to understand, but the mastery of this game is hard. The setup is simple. Each side has six cups in a pyramid-style setup, and each team must take turns tossing and aiming to shoot Ping-Pong balls into each of the cups. You can make your own rules, but the common one is to drink the cup with a beer where the ball lands. You do not need a high-quality Ping-Pong ball for playing this game. The Mapol Ping-Pong ball is rated 3 stars, it has moderate to decent quality, and it bounces and spins well with good power, perfect for playing beer pong.

Truth or Drink Card Game

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

This game is a twist to the classic party game. Truth or Drink is an adult card game inspired by the seven deadly sins as the questions are sectioned and grouped in each of the sins. This is again a simple game. All you must do is to set out the drinks, take turns in picking the cards, and reading or asking the question to the person you are playing with. They will have a choice whether to answer truthfully or take a shot. This game is ideal for groups of 2 to 8 persons. The game is created to test the boundaries you have with your friends.

Jenga Classic Game

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

Jenga is a fun and exciting physical skill game but adding a twist and an element of drinking will take your game night to the next level. Write different drinking instructions or consequences to each of the blocks before you make the tower. Each player will then take turns to remove one block at a time and then place it on top of the tower that will gradually make the structure more unstable. Whoever caused the tower to fall means he failed and must finish off the drink completely. You can change or customize the rule and let your creative mind run for a fun-filled and entertaining party.

Buzzed – The Hilarious Party Game

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

Buzzed is a drinking card game where 3 to 20 players can join the fun. There are 250 buzzed cards and instructions. The game is best joined by 21 years old and above. You must take turns in drawing cards from the top of the deck. Read the card instructions out loud. Either you or the group will drink depending on what the card prompts you to do.

Cranium Game

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

This is a classic that is not only a board game but interactive! Often overlooked as a drinking game because it’s marketed as a family game. Don’t be fooled, it doubles up well – drinking adds to the fun. To win you have to get around the board – however not without some shenanigans! As you move around the board, each color on the path lands you with a different category of activity. The cards offer up challenges from humming a song, molding an object out of putty, sketching, or even role-playing. Imagine having to act out or hum a song for a crowd of drinkers! If you complete the cards challenge you move on. And, while the board game comes with 600 cards you can buy booster sets to keep it fresh.

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