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Experts Tell Us the Best SNS Nail Kit

This article showcases our top picks for the Best SNS Nail Kit. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

AZUREBEAUTY Dip Powder Nail Kit

This product was recommended by Huy Pham from Healthcanal

This SNS nail kit is an ideal gift for beginners featuring up to 17 pieces of dip nail kits, 3 dip powder liquid, a nail lamp, and other necessities you’ll need to do your nails yourself. The nail kit also features over 8 different colors and combining them can give you over 50 different combinations to test out your creativity. Lastly, the resins are made from natural sources so it is environmentally safe and it doesn’t give off unpleasant odors.

AirroYE Powder Starter Kit

This product was recommended by May Flanagan from Global Green Family

If you’re looking for one of the best SNS nail kits in the market, you’ll like the AirroYE Powder Starter Kit. This SNS kit is great for beginners who want to try doing their own SNS dip nails. Most nail care-related products often have harmful chemicals in them but the ingredients in the AirroYE Powder SNS nail kit are non-toxic and odor-free. Plus, the formulation of this SNS nail kit contains vitamin E and calcium which can help make your nails grow healthy and strong. What’s also great about is that even though it’s a starter pack, it already includes an activator, brush saver, base coat, top coat, dipping brushes, and a user manual. Oh and, their sets hold strong even after a few weeks. Overall, the AirroYE Powder Starter Kit is one of the best SNS nail kits out there.

Kiara Sky French Starter Kit

This product was recommended by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect

Signature Nail Systems (SNS) are basically, dip powder nails with a fast and simple application. This means less filing, less mess, and faster results. Kiara Sky produced a DIY SNS nail kit that has all that you need to create beautiful and durable nails in the comfort of your home. The brush-on gel and dipping powders are the perfect introductions to SNS nails. The instructions that come with the nail kit are easy to follow. Nails look great and feel great, and can even last for over three weeks before signs of wear are noticeable. However, the SNS system made the coating tough and resistant to chips, scratches and removal. Yet, it’s certainly doable with effort. And once the colour is removed from the nails, they felt smooth and nourished. If you never tried SNS before, this is the best starter SNS nail kit for you, with the complete set of what you need and a step-by-step guide. It is certainly an addition to your manicure set kit.

Cuccio So So Fun Kit

This product was recommended by Toby Dash from Five Star Skincare

Creating a flawless, professional-looking finish is simple with this kit from Mefa, and with everything you require to do this included, the price is great, too. With 8 luscious bold and vibrant colors, including glitters, this kit is awesome. Simple to apply and dries without the need for a UV lamp, after applying a base coat you just dip your nails into the pot, and brush off the excess. Three dips seem to be ideal, giving just over two weeks of chip-free wear.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder, Student Starter Kit

This product was recommended by Lina Buk from Nail Art Gear

If a long-lasting manicure is what you are looking for, let me introduce you to the SNS Nails student kit. Other than being long-lasting, the powders are non-toxic, odor-free, and easy to use, unlike some other gel and acrylic products. Since it includes everything you need to create a professional-looking nail design at home, it can be a perfect gift for both home and professional users.

Kiara Sky Dipping Powders Essentials Kit

This product was recommended by Piyushi Dhir from Help and Wellness

For the absolute beginner that has never used SNS before, this set from Kiara Sky is where you should start. This is a great starter kit that comes with step-by-step instructions and all the information you need to get the salon perfect look. The starter kit comes with the brush on gel and the dipping powders. What makes this a great starter kit is that the instructions are very easy to follow. The SNS system, although time-consuming, made the coating resistant to scratches and accidental chipping. I can attest that my nails looked great, lasted almost three weeks, and smooth. The only drawback for me was that it took some effort to clean my nails. However, my nails felt nourished and looked smoother.

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