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11 Best Laptop Stands For Typing | Improve Your Typing

This article showcases our top picks for the best laptop stands for typing. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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KENTEVIN Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Lianne Sanders from Total Shape

The best thing about this laptop stand, is that it also has a phone stand making it more convenient for someone like me who works both with a laptop and a phone. It’s adjustable and has eight heights that can be freely adjusted from 5.5 inch to 7.0 inch. It’s also portable, foldable and easy to place and move around. What’s better is that it has a hollow design, which reduces contact area with the desktop, and has an allowance for heat dissipation.

MoKo Universal Laptop/Notebook Stands

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The stand can lift your device up to a perfect and comfortable working angle to help people reduce the pressure on palms, wrists, and fingers and create a ventilated area to help the computer dissipate the heat.

Portable Laptop Stand & Tablet Stand

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Portable Laptop Stand & Tablet Stand is designed for supreme style and fantastic functionality. Every angle and joint of our folding laptop stand is crafted for ultimate aesthetics and sturdiness.

TRUNIUM Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

TRUNIUM Laptop Stand increases airflow to the laptop, keeping your laptop cooler for longer. This stand can fold onto itself to take up minimal storage space. The rubber pads on the surface are durable and will secure your laptop in place, preventing any scratches and slips.

Steklo Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Robert Johnson from Sawinery

Designed to prevent your devices from overheating, this stand has been perfectly designed to securely cradle laptops with screen sizes of up to 17 inches. It has a slanted angled stand that perfectly helps to prevent wrist fatigue whilst typing and screens are lifted to the perfect eye-level height for better ergonomics.

Lamicall Swivel Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by Ajmal Dar from Moccasin Guru

It’s one of the most minimalistic but stylish laptop risers. It has non-slip rubber pads on the base to keep itself in place, and it’s great for laptop users who love the 360º rotates feature.

Lavolta Folding Laptop Stand

This product was recommended by John Peterson from Safe Drive Gear

It would be my best suggestion for anyone looking for versatility. It is adjustable and lightweight. Another great feature is it has a cooling pad to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Armyte Adjustable Laptop Desk Table

This product was recommended by Masha Meliuk from Masha and the Bears

Highly versatile stand for laptop. Its height and angle can be adjusted, it has enough space to fit a mouse, and it will prevent your laptop from overheating through the built-in cooling fan.

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder

This product was recommended by Laura Schwieter from Schwieter Land and Livestock

The best laptop stand is the Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder. It is compatible with popular laptops up to 15.6”. It is made from lightweight aluminum and is available in a variety of colors: black, blue, gray, red, rose gold and silver. With this easily adjustable stand, you can change the height of the keyboard as well as the angle- adjustable 0-90 degrees. The Urmust laptop stand makes any typing setup comfortable and it can be changed continually with little effort. You’ll avoid a stiff neck, hand cramps and tender elbows no matter how much typing you plan to do. The stand is stable and sturdy and can hold 8.8 lbs(4kg). Extended typing will not result in a saggy keyboard. It is foldable so it saves space and can easily be stored, packed, or carried. It even has a handle hole. It features a hollow so overheating won’t be a problem. The design allows for space under the laptop and stand. This space is great for a phone or any other office tools. If you prefer a separate keyboard, the space under the stand will accommodate. It’s a great gift for anyone. Students, remote workers, or anyone with a laptop this is for you. I purchased this stand from Amazon months ago and have been happy with it ever since. I have the silver edition and it blends in nicely with my laptop and other office equipment. I would highly recommend it to any laptop user and especially one who plans to do a lot of typing.

Boyata Laptop Holder

This product was recommended by Sam from Telewokin

Lightweight, stylish, easy to set up and adjust yet also very stable (hinges don’t collapse) and comfortable for directly typing on the laptop (clips are flushed and do not rub against the wrist). There are angle and height adjustments plus the hinge on the base at the back works well for heat dissipation. Check out the Boyata laptop holder if you constantly utilize your laptop, have terrible neck or back issues, or are concerned about straining your hands.

Helium Surface Sit-to-Stand Dekstop Converter

This product was recommended by Franco Nidea from Corner Nook

The Helium Surface is a desktop converter, also referred to a desktop sit to stand, that is ready to go straight out of the box. There are no tools needed because there is no assembly. The Helium works with your current work surface and features an effortless sit to stand function. The innovative gas counterbalance mechanism locks the Helium at whatever position you choose, infinite adjustments within 14-inches.

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