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Interested in Robotic Automation? Check out these Books for You

Our Top Pick Books by Theme in 2020

These books cover a wide range of topics all associated with Robotic Automation, so whether you are a beginner or more advanced you should be able to find something new below. These books have also all been given great reviews in 2020 – you can find out more below.

The Robotic Process Automation Handbook by Tom Taulli

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

This book shows you how to leverage RPA effectively in your company to automate repetitive and rule-based processes, such as scheduling, inputting/transferring data, cut and paste, filling out forms, and search.

Robotic Process Automation by Richard Murdoch

This product was recommended by Bhushan Patil from Bloggerbhushu

This is the complete beginner’s guide to the world of robotic process automation. This book is written by the Senior and most experienced Executives from Business, Finance and IT and the very well explained the concepts in the best possible way. This book covers topics like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in detailed. So, if you are looking to become an automation consultant then this is the perfect book for you.

The Simple Implementation Guide to Robotic Process Automation by Kelly Wibbenmeyer

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The Simple Implementation Guide to Robotic Process Automation by Kelly Wibbenmeyer. The book includes the pros and cons of various deployment strategies as well as key factors to consider for each option. It’s filled with real examples and timelines to give you a realistic view of how to manage the process.

RPA and AI – Synergistic Technologies for Tomorrow’s Digital Businesses by Predrag Jakovljevic

This product was recommended by Deeana Radley from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

PJ is a renowned, manufacturing business analyst, with industrial experience spanning a 20 year career. He is primarily focused on the discrete manufacturing sector, including the machinery and equipment, automotive, construction and engineering, and electronics industries. PJ writes for TEC – an impartial, industry-renowned software selection firm, specializing in the manufacturing sector for over 25 years.

Applied Artificial Intelligence By Mariya Yao

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarInsuranceComparison

This book was written for business leaders to give them an understanding of robotic process automation and to guide them in setting up a functioning and helpful system. It’s written with practical and actionable advice. Once the reader finishes the book, they should be able to outline their strategy and work toward implementing it.

Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation by Mary C Lacity

This product was recommended by Michael Miller from VPN Online

This book is the best because of many reasons. The authors are internationally recognized in this field. Their research is impeccable. It has been substantiated by other studies and leaders of the IT industry. And to top it off, they have pushed the idea into real-world application. Relating everything from concepts to applications is what make s this book the best.

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