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Child Safe Nail Polish – Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

Nail Polishes for Babies and Children

These Nail Polishes are perfect for a child that is raring to express themselves. All the polishes below are child safe and some have fun themes that your child would love. Take a look below!

Disney Frozen 8 Piece Nail Polish

This product was recommended by Nancy Baker from ChildMode

This nail polish set is ideal for young children but it can be used for babies as well. It’s a water-based and non-toxic solution that anyone can use. Its also easily washable so there’s no problems if your kids get it on their skin.

Peelable Children’s Nail Polish

This product was recommended by Mathew Peter from Ownage Fashion

Easy and Fun non-toxic nail polish enables girls to explore fashion and beauty safely. Remover not needed, Simply peel off dried polish to remove it

Piggy Paint Blackberry Jammers

This product was recommended by Megan Brown Bennett from LightYearsAhead

Piggy Paint is a safe, non-toxic nail polish that puts a candy store of color at kids’ fingertips while giving parents the peace-of-mind they need. This advanced water-based formula is free of harsh solvents and dizzying fumes. Plus, it’s non-flammable, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and proudly made in the U.S.A. A favorite of celebrity moms, Piggy Paint adorns some of the littlest hands in Hollywood. Jessica Alba, known for her love of clean beauty, is a fan, and Tori Spelling once bought the entire collection to throw a mani-pedi party for her daughter Stella. Developed by a mom of two, Piggy Paint comes in more than 40 individual shades and multiple gift box assortments. Head to Target or Amazon to pick up a selection of shades for your party. Special boxed four mini-polish collections at just $7.99 are a great way to expand your options.

Sun Polish No. 2

This product was recommended by Elliott Schwartz from Sun Polish

Sun Polish captures the colors of the sun in Southern California and puts those vivid colors in a bottle of nail polish.

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