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6 Best Gift Ideas Sports Fans Rave About

Make their favorite activity even better with these simple yet effective gifts

Sports fans partly exercise their sport for fun, and for fitness. It’s a great combination of motivating factors, and with these gifts, you can make them enjoy and take interest in their work out even more.
Extend their passion with these top gifts!

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#1 PaleoPro Protein Powder

PaleoPro Protein Powder
Who suggested this product?
The PaleoPro Protein Powder was recommended by Christina Towle from BuzzBright PR.

For the Sports Fan, to-go protein packs. Just mix with water. Delicious! A healthy snack while watching a game and tailgating.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Beer Pong Golf

Beer Pong Golf
Who suggested this product?
The Beer Pong Golf was recommended by Molly LeCronier from Anomolly Consulting.

Let’s celebrate! August is National Golf Month. For the avid golf fan in your life who not only has a love for the game but the need for a cold one, Brad’s Deals presents the Beer Pong Golf Set. The set allows you to play beer pong using your own golf clubs and cups. It includes the game boards, chipping mats and 12 balls.

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves
Who suggested this product?
The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves was recommended by Eddie Daniels from Hayabusa Fightwear.

T3 Boxing Gloves are made to protect the hands and wrists of anyone who wears them, going well beyond industry standards. The gloves have built-in wrist support, which provides perfect hand/wrist alignment and prevents injury. The dual strap system provides you with an extra secure fit that feels like a laced glove. Silver threads are weaved into the lining fabric which prevents bacteria growth keeping them odor-free for longer. Microfiber leather helps you quickly eliminate unwanted sweat. And finally, the multi-layer foam composition absorbs and disperse impact evenly throughout the impact surface, better protecting your hands (and your sparring partner).

Learn more or buy here.

#4 Pluggerz Uni-Fit Music Earplugs

Pluggerz Uni-Fit Music Earplugs
Who suggested this product?
The Pluggerz Uni-Fit Music Earplugs was recommended by Casey Keshner from Trent and Company.

Pluggerz are earplugs that have unique sound filters which attenuates excessive noise to a safe level while sound quality remains high. The filter also means that you can communicate with others without having to remove the earplugs. Sporting events can be extremely loud and hurtful to your ears. Gift a sports fanatic Pluggerz and they can experience the excitement of a game without damaging their ears.

Learn more or buy here.

#5 Aqua Aura Leggings

Aqua Aura Leggings
Who suggested this product?
The Aqua Aura Leggings was recommended by Olga Glioza from G&V Public Relations.

Wolven Threads carry eco-friendly range of swim, surf and athletic wear because their collection is inspired by nature and the need to protect our planet for generations to come. Made locally with OEKO-Tex certified Recycled P.E.T, a fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles and free from harmful and toxic chemicals as well as carbon neutral modal fabric that is produced from wood-pulp fibers that are sustainably harvested. Wolven also invest in programs that replace the resources they’ve spent.

Learn more or buy here.

#6 Chippo Golf Toss

Chippo Golf Toss
Who suggested this product?
The Chippo Golf Toss was recommended by Natalie Hilvert from The Grommet at Ace Hardware.

Perfect for the sports fan in your life, the Chippo Golf Toss combines corn hole and chip shots to make for a fun, new golf-centric backyard game. Golfing buddies (or solo players) can use their own clubs to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory, so they feel like the real thing but won’t cause damage like a real ball can.

Learn more or buy here.

Contributors to this article
Christina Towle from BuzzBright PR

Molly LeCronier from Anomolly Consulting

Eddie Daniels from Hayabusa Fightwear

Casey Keshner from Trent and Company

Olga Glioza from G&V Public Relations

Natalie Hilvert from The Grommet at Ace Hardware

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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