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What is Cryptocurrency Investment?

Crypto investment is buying digital assets to generate income from the price difference. For example, when a startup emerges in the market, it attracts investors who put money into the startup’s development and thus help it grow. When the startup succeeds and receives adoption, clients and application scope, early investors’ initial capital multiplies, for the price of assets is growing together with the project’s popularity.

There are a few ways to invest in crypto:

  • you can participate in crypto project’s airdrops – free distribution of tokens or coins to draw attention to the company and expand users base;
  • buy crypto on one of the crypto exchanges.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for trading and investing into cryptocurrency. Centralised exchanges provide a full range of tools and features for convenient and successful trading:

  • spot trading;
  • futures;
  • margin;
  • staking;
  • codes;
  • etc.

Let’s see how it works in practice. Take the WhiteBIT exchange as an example.

How to Invest Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT is a centralised platform that allows investing into cryptocurrency using fiat money. To access this option, a user should pass the KYC verification and register an account, then add a bank card and transfer money from it to the account. Then find the “Exchange” block and enter the data: currency you have and coins you wish to purchase. The exchange will show you the current live price and the fee for the transaction. WhiteBIT charges a minimum commission of 0,10%. The trade occurs fast, and you get your coins in a few seconds in your account.

In the same way, you can exchange crypto for another crypto or fiat and withdraw it to your bank card. You can store your investments on the WhiteBIT wallet. 96% of users’ funds are stored offline, so your funds are protected.

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