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Requesting NISS Portugal Easily and Quickly

Do you want to become a part of the Portuguese social security system? In this case, it is vital to apply for NISS asap. This article will help you to familiarize yourself with the details of doing this in the wisest way ever possible.

Why Have NISS at All?

NISS is a social security identification number that allows a person to have full access to the rights and obligations that are connected with the government and the social security services it provides for people.

NISS can be provided to foreigners who intend to work and live in Portugal.

What Shall You Do in Order to Apply for NISS?

There are a few steps to stick to for those who intend to request NISS. If you follow them, you will never experience any hardships at all. 

So, the very first and foremost decision you have to make linked to applying for NISS is how exactly you want to get it. You may get involved in close interaction with the government authorities or order the services of the intermediary. In the second case, the process will surely turn out to be far easier and faster. 

However, no matter what option you choose, you will have to start by getting the proper documents ready. This is what is meant in this case:

  • NIF (it is a tax identification number that can also be received as a result of dealing with the local tax office or ordering it online with the help of the intermediary);
  • Passport. It is going to serve as proof of your identity.

This is all! As you can see, you will not have to make any extra effort trying to get everything ready. The only matter to take care of is to make sure that the scans of the documents are of high quality.

After you are over with preparing the documents, you will need to either visit the social security office or upload all the stuff on the website of the intermediary. Then, it is vital to complete the application with all the info that is required from you. If you choose to collaborate with the intermediary, pay a processing fee. 

Normally, NISS is going to be ready within five days. Get ready to receive it and enjoy all of its privileges later!

What Option of Getting NISS Shall You Choose?

It depends totally on what experience you would like to come across. If you plan to work with the local office, you will have to arrange the time that will suit you best. It may become a problem for certain people. In this case, it is advisable to choose to deal with the intermediary.

It will allow you to save your time a bit and not worry about the speed of delivering the service. You will receive your NISS Portugal quickly and painlessly and no extra trouble will appear on your way.

If you plan to interact with the intermediary, you need to make sure that the price is okay for you. The fine cost of getting this kind of service is about 150 euros. It is an adequate price for getting NISS within approximately five working days.

Collaboration with the helpers like this is normally linked to clarifying any kind of questions that may interest you. In case the team is not ready to help you with this, it may be an alarm sign stating that you’d better consider dealing with another company. The intermediary should show a sincere interest in future work and provide a client with as qualitative service as possible.

As soon as you order your NISS and the process of issuing it is over (anyway, even if you choose an intermediary, the team will be interacting with the authorities as long as the other way is simply illegal), it will be sent to your email address or WhatsApp depending on which option seems to be more convenient for you.

Apart from receiving NISS, it is also possible to order such important stuff online as NIF and request getting a status of NHR. Dealing with these procedures online is an easy option that saves time for plenty of people today.

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