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5 Amazing Places Around the World That Parents Can Visit With Babies

When you’re young, those are some of the best times of your life to have fun and make tons of memories. Those memories are most often made with your friends, siblings, and parents.

We want your child’s memories to be filled with magic and wonder so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most wondrous places for parents to vacation with their children. Sure there are tons of places that you can take your family, but none will be as amazing and fun as the ones that we have placed on our list.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

This spot is one of our personal favorites for families with children specifically because of the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney Resort that they have there. This park is 47 Square miles of pure and indulgent magical fun for you and your family.

It features hotels, waterpark, restaurants, and many wonderlands you just have to make your way there. If you want to dine with Mickey and the crew all you’ve got to do is visit one of the many restaurants located on the grounds and enjoy your meal.

Make sure to purchase your fast passes in advance so that you don’t have to wait in long lines for too long. And if the amazing park isn’t enough to attract you to the park we have another huge bonus to visiting.

Some hotels here even offer you the best baby strollers for the trip. This means that you don’t have to worry about packing yours in the car or traveling with it on a plane. Talk about a huge convenience factor, especially for parents that have small children that get tired of walking quickly.

Orlando, Florida

To stick with the theme of Disney World we have brought you Discovery Cove. This is the opposite of the first that we mentioned because this Disney park is all about sea life.

One of their main attractions is kissing dolphins and interacting with stingrays. If your child wishes to swim and participate in some of the activities they need to be at least six years of age to join in the fun.

Not only does this park feature the majestic animals of the deep sea it also gives your child a chance to take in the melodious birds of the air as well. This park can be enjoyed by anyone of any age especially families looking for fun things to do together.

You will need to check the website for specific prices as they can change depending on what time of year it is. The tickets do include various activities, places to eat, and a photo keepsake depending on which pass you decide to purchase.

San Antonio

There are tons of things for you and your children to do in San Antonio things like seeing the Alamo, the zoo, museums, and theme parks. The exhibits at the alamo museum will not only keep your child engaged there’s a plus for you as well, and that is that the museum is free.

Talk about the score as planning things on a vacation for you and your child can easily become very expensive to do. You can also visit the riverwalk which stretches anywhere from 3 to 15 miles depending on how far you decide to walk.

However, if walking isn’t your idea of fun you and your children can always take a boat ride to see the river and everything around it. You can also visit Morgan’s Wonderland where your children can play in the music garden, butterfly playground, carousel, and the sand circle.


While you won’t meet the fresh prince of Bel-Air in this state it is one of the better options when it comes to a more historic destination for a vacation with your children. You should visit the National Constitution Center which allows your children to have hands-on fun with the exhibits they offer.

You can also take your children to see the famous liberty bell and the crack that gave it the fame that has surrounded it for years. If we are still embarking on this historical vacation your children will want to see the home where the flagmaker Betsy Ross lived and became famous.

There is another museum that you can visit called the Please Touch Museum that will allow your child more hands-on and up-close experience with the exhibits that it offers. You can even visit the home of a giant walk-through heart, brain exhibits, and sporting challenges at the Franklin Institute.

After a day packed with history and hands-on fun, your children are sure to be exhausted by the end of the day. And that may mean an early bedtime for them.

Portland, Oregon

Not a typical place to take your family on vacation when you think about a destination to go to. But, Portland, Oregon should definitely be a must-stop place on your list of places to visit with your children.

I think the best part of visiting Oregan is the Portland Japanese Garden not only can you take in a breathtaking garden your children can also participate in a treasure hunt that takes them throughout the garden grounds. The purpose of the hunt is to find statues that have been hidden around the grounds.

You can also take a tour of a submarine at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Along with the submarine tour, you can visit their planetarium, live lab, mummy exhibit, or a light show. Educational and fun for the whole family to participate in.

We are sure that one of these wonderful places is sure to be a hit with you and your family. That’s because each place offers tons of things for you and your family to do. There are so many things to do you may have to save some of the attractions for another family vacation.

And I’m sure you learned from our list that not only can a vacation be fun it can also be educational. Your children will be having so much fun that they won’t realize that everything they have experienced is historical and scientific as well.


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